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 ManiaExchange November 2021 Update
by  Ozon at 27 Nov, 2021  

There has been a new update to ManiaExchange. Highlight: The new MX API Documentation for developers.
  • Various fixes on the API endpoints and everywhere else
  • New Mappack APIs (Add maps, change status)
  • New map vanity page for awarding
  • QoL improvements

Read more about the update on our blog!

We have prepared another update for the maniaexchange. Highlights:

  • Cumulative Leaderboard
  • Mappack Tags
  • Faster image loading
  • Improved search and page look in many places
  • More random buttons
  • Many bugfixes

Read the blog post to get the full changelog.

We are celebrating 10 years of ManiaExchange on August 17th!

We've prepared some special events for you for August & September with a total prizepool of 300 €!
You'll have the chance to play in popular events, such as the BASCO, 90MC, KO and the MTC!

Read more about our events here.

We have prepared another update for the maniaexchange. Highlights:

Read the blog post to get the full changelog.
Fair play is important to us - we want to ensure that our records database is clean of cheated replays. Unfortunately, it's possible that some past records have been cheated without us knowing. We're currently investigating past replays on the sites. That is a tall order, which is why we want to give players the opportunity to assist us in our investigation.

We therefore offer players the chance to privately let the (T)MX crew know about their own cheated replays, and how they were cheated. This could go a long ways towards helping with our investigations on the technical side. In return, we will reduce, or remove, the penalty that would have happened had we found the replays on our own. And we will not share your name with anyone outside the (T)MX crew.

You can message us here. We promise to be nice.

Find links to message us at the other exchanges here. Read our statement regarding the investigations here.

Trackmania is getting its own Twitch Rivals, which is a competitive event for streamers and viewers on Twitch!

The organizers -   MajorGiggles et al. - are seeking maps to play at the event. Four different pools are available to submit into:
Circuit - Speed - Tech - Short & Tech
Deadline for submissions: 25 September, 2020 - Event date: TBA

Fire up your editors and be a part of one of the biggest events in terms of viewership including Trackmania! :build:

The first blog post of our series Hello TMX. Read about the following topics:

  • Recap of the first month of TMX
  • Comparing the numbers to previous *exchange sites
  • Teasing some upcoming features

Today, we have replaced the Map style with Tags! That means you can now assign up to three tags to your map.
New tags include Mini, Ice, Reactor, Scenery, Kacky, Endurance and more!

You can find the changelog here. If you have encountered a bug or have feedback, leave us a message here.

New update for TMX. A lot of hotfixes, but also some styling improvements and new things. Highlights:
  • You can now manage forum notifications thread by thread
  • Fixed the disappearing screenshots
  • Some new statistics
  • Improved BBCode text editor look

Read the changelog using the button on the bottom left! If you experience any issues, report bugs in this forum.

A new update has come out for TMX!
  • The API has been finished up and updated! Read the documentation here.
  • Mobile compability updates
  • Changing terminology: Tracks are now Maps (backwards compatible URLs!)
  • Suggest a featured map!
  • Style improvements
  • Minor bugfixes

Replay upload will be enabled, as soon an OAuth / API is provided by Nadeo. We apologize for the inconvenience. We'll push this forward as effective as possible.

These things will follow up soon:
  • TMX Mediapack
  • Beta Area
  • New Map page design
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