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Hello TMX #1 - First month in numbers and what's next?
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Hello TMX #1 - First month in numbers and what's next? 01 August 2020 16:59:28  

Dear TrackmaniaExchange community,

first and foremost, we want to thank you all for being a part of this project. Your contributions, may it be maps, awards or even reports - they make TMX the amazing place it is. This award is for you :gold:

Also we want to give out a special shoutout to the amazing people who support us through the MX Crew Support program. Before TMX came out, we had 40 of you. Since then, you have grown to be 67 supporters! Thank you. :heart:

When TMX released
TrackmaniaExchange has seen a big overhaul over to ManiaExchange. It has been a challenge we enjoyed participating in.

The journey began a few weeks before game release where we set our goal to improve the experience to a maximum with a design overhaul and new features, such as HD images for maps and tags. Many changes have already been made and a lot is still in development. Next to that, a lot of non-development related preperations during the alpha ensured that we could launch TMX at Day 1 of game release. We all are very proud of the combined crew efforts that made this possible.

For the future we want to take on redesigning further elements of the site, implement further quality of life features and enable replay uploads with providing a competitive leaderboard next to the ingame one. We tease you with some future features further down the post.

Featured Maps
To raise awareness to possible underrated maps, we feature some of them on the front page of the site and share them on our social media (YouTube and Twitter) and Discord in the form of map showcases. You can also suggest some to us! These videos are meant to provide an overview of the map focused towards its scenery and atmosphere. From start to finish, they show you a run of the map, driven by one of you!

As it is currently difficult to obtain replays, we appreciate it a lot when people hunt these maps and provide their driven ghost for us to use. We either ask for them through our Discord, or you can spontaneously provide them whenever you see a new map being featured on the site. If you have recently driven any interesting maps, you can leave map suggestions for a chance to be featured on our forums.

How well did the launch of TrackmaniaExchange go? Here are some numbers of the first month, compared to our previous sites:

Maps that were uploaded and published by users.
TMO-X 781, TMS-X 3299, :gold: TMN-X 4634, TMUF-X 2441, :bronze: TMNF-X 3996, MX 3361, SMX 920, :silver: TMX 4121

There's currently 0 replays on TMX. We have decided to wait for Nadeo to roll out OAuth (via Uplay login) first, so we can make sure noone has the ability to upload replays that are not their own.
Also, this buys us time to develop a new and reworked leaderboard system.

...and yes, the plan is to also include the ingame World Records into this site.:cool:

We have seen a lot of awards given this month!
TMO-X 51, TMS-X 2889, :silver: TMN-X 4770, :gold: TMUF-X 6061, :bronze: TMNF-X 5553, MX 2963, SMX 301, TMX 3312

This comparison is skewed, because since 2017, MX and the now released TMX have dropped the separate comment section in favor of simplifying the UX. Anyway, here's the numbers:
TMO-X 58, :bronze: TMS-X 1592, TMN-X 1535, :silver: TMUF-X 1648, :gold: TMNF-X 2069, MX 1251, SMX 224, TMX 1464

What's Next?
The first month of Trackmania was busy for all of us. We all explored the new game and its awesome new features. For some of us, time was short due to the release being scheduled during the summer. For the next months, we have planned some new things to roll out to you:
  • Beta area: Upload your map to a special area to receive feedback, before you release your map to the public.
  • Replay upload: Upload your records to TMX and participate in a monthly and a cumulative Leaderboard.
  • Curators: Joining our curator program, you can actively help to improve the site (change map info and tags, queue map features, etc.)
  • Video Submission: Did you create a video that includes a TMX map? Submit videos to maps and search maps based on the videos they are in.
  • Knockouts: The Knockouts will have their debut in Trackmania soon. We are still in the need of maps for the pools - all info here.

We are grateful for the creations and feedback you have been contributing. We're also glad of you guys representing us by using the TMX Signpack! We are certainly happy with the response and we'll keep doing our best for the amazing Trackmania community.

the TrackmaniaExchange crew
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01 August 2020 21:51:44  
Thanks for all you do :)
02 August 2020 15:11:41  
Update: I previously had the numbers wrong for TMS-X. I counted two months accidentally. Updated the post to fix those numbers.
Also updated TMN-X numbers.
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02 August 2020 15:22:58  
Video linking etc sounds super cool feature! Good work dudes :)
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Error with link. 02 August 2020 23:40:27  
There is an error with the youtube link. It links to ( https://www.youtube.com/maniaexchange ) which gives a 404 error when instead it should link to ( https://www.youtube.com/user/ManiaExchangeTracks ) if I am not mistaken. If you have a preferred method of contacting you (here or discord) regarding a potential typo. This may bug you further, I messaged you on discord despite the Do not disturb over something not too serious. (Gravely sorry)

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03 August 2020 23:49:40  
It seems someone fixed it now.(y)
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09 August 2020 19:18:16  
good numbers and great plans moving forward!
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