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Fullspeed Mapping Guide part 1 - Understanding FS... 30 Mar, 2023
  SkiFreak (0 comments, 356 views) 
I'm going to start posting things here, mostly scripts I have made for youtube videos but probably random things as well. I have a lot of random information related to tm I end up retyping and sharing often, so it'll be easier to link or copypaste from somewhere instead of having to waste time typing the same stuff often.

This first post is part 1 to my fullspeed mapping guide, more parts are coming soonish. This one is focused on introducing fs mapping and going over some bas...

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Torque VS horsepower 13 Sep, 2022
 Oclavukixus (0 comments, 634 views) 
I can drive 999 kmh but can't drive up a slight incline from a stand still. Science.
Hello Trackmania Exchange community 18 May, 2022
 Draconic_Sword (0 comments, 718 views) 
Hello people, Draconic here.

I'm curious as to how many people hang out on the site here, It's quite the cool place. If ye have somethin to share post a reply (:

Have a great week
My review of RPG tracks of TMX | Part 1 11 Nov, 2020
 sorrow (3 comments, 2280 views) 
Hello reader !

I recently came up on an idea to play all RPG maps which are uploaded to TMX so I've started to do so yesterday but wanted to keep a list of maps which I like and don't like.
First of all I want to say that there would most probably be a lot of maps which I don't like or even don't consider to be a RPG.
I think that not every map which is not Tech, FS, Dirt, or any other "defined" style needs to be RPG. Also, TMNF RPG differs a lot fr...

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