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Suggest a featured Track!
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Suggest a featured Track! 04 July 2020 13:26:28  

In an effort to populate the featured tracks section on the frontpage, we want to involve you in the process of finding suitable tracks, since we might miss some gems along the way.:$

Use this thread to suggest tracks that we should feature.

Here's three guidelines that might help you understand how we'll decide on a track feature:
  • Older tracks are welcome, too - we will prioritize more recent maps, though.
  • While the award count does not matter, we will prioritize underrated maps.
  • The track should be of high quality. That usually means that the scenery is clean, the route is well driveable and that the assets (like mediatracker, screenshot, description) complete the track. Small deviations will be tolerated of course.

This thread and its guidelines are subject to change from time to time. We'll give you a heads up about it.
Lead Developer
Location: DE
08 July 2020 18:45:43  
This one by Podel is pretty good and has well done flow and scenery
12 July 2020 18:17:32  
"The Art Of Tech by   Boeny
A really well made map if you want to learn simple tech techniques and easy lines, but has i the same time, fun to hunt.
Trying Unique Idea
Location: CA
12 July 2020 18:49:20  
"Future Valley by   r_teroor

Here is my first map Multistylez mixing all the new elements proposed its the best way to make it competitiv and fun for all.
Location: FR
The Red Baron 12 July 2020 20:00:44  
"The Red Baron by   Neon1990

This is a fun but flowing challenging tech track:smirk:
14 July 2020 19:25:43  
"Acrophobia by   Wallaby

Super cool and quite different from other tech tracks, amazing floating space layout and design even with an awesome-looking planet!
Last edited by Tuta, 14 July 2020 19:25:58
Blocks are our friends <3
16 July 2020 06:47:29  
"Big Cranker" by   dannyFM

30 second tech map I made:$ let me know if you enjoy it
18 July 2020 10:02:55  
"Evaporated thoughts by   tresin

My second tech map with finely crafted unique scenery and smooth transitions
20 July 2020 14:49:45  
Tatsne build a beautiful map: "Las Vegas Earthquake". i was lucky to be on Testserver and snagged the map.

I rebuild it into a Nascar-Version. I think its suitable as a featured map.

Tazed's Map Wraith 22 July 2020 14:49:52  
Hey guys ,

Here is my new 40s SpeedTech / Tech Map , really looking for some people to play it and maybe making it on the front Page

have a nice day :d

Last edited by Tazed, 22 July 2020 14:50:04
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