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Username :  wormi (1008)
Registered : Friday, July 3, 2020 (111 days ago)
Website : (Website not specified)
Location : Finland 
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Hi there! I'm wormi27z, old fart playing Trackmania games since summer 2008.

I am member of teams Crazy Machine Chicks (CMC) since 2020, Drivers From Finland (DFF) since 2011, and 27z since we set it up. I am known as both track builder and driver on any Trackmania environment (but Lagoon). During my long journey in game I have built quite several tournament maps . I also have won Trackmania legend and TMX lifetime achievement titles in TMX User Chocie Awards 2019, written some interviews with people before it was cool in 2012, built several tracks for Christmas Calendar Projects in TMNF, won Monthly Track Contests or other such events, visited ESWC 2014, started a couple of teams (FBR and Don) judged league tracks for events, written in mania-Actu website, streamed events in Finnish, built various community tracks, won notrain summer cup of Finnish drivers... well, let's say too much.

My accounts in:
:done: Mania-Exchange
:done: United Exchange
:done: Nations Forever Exchange

Shotouts to 27z guys if you lurk my page.
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