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GENERAL CHANGELOG 10 July 2020 17:43:01  
This changelog concludes all updates for TMX and MX respectively in the most detail possible.

Initial release changes (to the previous MX version):


# Tracks
* HD image upload enabled
* Supporters can upload up to 5 images to their tracks
# General page
* Massive redesign
* Wider page
* Mobile compability preperations
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Lead Developer
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03.07.2020 10 July 2020 22:47:43  

# Fixes:
- Forum: No more errors when creating / viewing a thread
- Track Page: Image selector now indicates selected picture
- Track Search: Fixed searching for "Has custom Screenshot"
- Support: You can now also support us from TMX (supporter feature is valid for all MX page)
- Track Page: "Who Downloaded?" works again
# Improvements:
- Track Comments styling
- General page styling (constantly improving)
- Mobile page improvements
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04.07.2020 (ThaumicTom Edition) 10 July 2020 22:48:06  

# Fixes:
- Navigation bar is now correctly displayed over elements
- Clicking on your username under your avatar now leads to your user page
- Fixed buttons under account options
- Theme selector now has proper animations
- Map page comments are now properly wrapping around the reply button
- You can now use arrow keys properly to navigate searching for different categories
- The loader is now fitting to the TMX theme
- About dropdown is now properly working
# Improvements:
- Map page: You can now click on map screenshots for a fullscreen version
- Map page: Users that awarded/built the map are now highlighted with a gradient
- Map page: Comments now have new icons
- Map page: Image gallery now has proper buttons
- Day-theme buttons are now more visible
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07.07.2020 10 July 2020 22:48:29  

# API Update
=>>>> api.mania.exchange
# Mobile phone compability
* fixed the main menu
* various other, small fixes to improve your experience
* more to come, stay tuned!
# Style improvements
* Loading symbol is now TMX green
* Usernames no longer have a Mail symbol next to them
* polished comments design
# Terminology change
* Tracks => Maps
* We are in the process of replacing the term "tracks" with "maps" all over TMX and MX.
* Old links using /tracks/ URL will keep working!
# Dear Supporters...
* The Supporter Maps section did not randomize previously. Now it does.
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08.07.2020 10 July 2020 22:48:55  

# Track Images
* Is your image corrupted / missing? You can delete those now (while I investigate what the cause of it is)
* Moving images works again.
# Shootmania in Trackmania?
* Now possible: CharacterPilot is now available on TMX!
Lead Developer
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10.07.2020 10 July 2020 22:50:01  

# Fixes:
* disappearing images from Maps
* images being in the pending upload for no reason
* Who Downloaded? button
* mainmenu buttons pointing to the wrong site
* mobile phone users can now scroll sideways at un-optimized pages
* track name in playlater & mobile view for search
* fixed [map] previews
* improved userbar in mobile view
* massively improved forum browsing on mobile
# The new stuff
* Toggle notifications on/off on a forum thread of your choice!
* Added a few new statistics for you to watch (=> About TMX)
* Improved text editor
Lead Developer
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13.07.2020 13 July 2020 21:55:50  

# Good bye Style, Hello Tags!
* Assign up to three Tags to your map that define searchable styles.
* Backwards compatible with Map styles
* New Tags (next to the old styles) include Mini, Ice, Reactor, Scenery, Kacky, Endurance and more!
# Bugfixes:
* Quick table fixes for mapsearch
* Notifications will be automatically set to on when creating a thread.
Lead Developer
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21.07.2020 20 July 2020 22:21:32  

# Map Search
* New search view mode - Tags! View tags next to crucial map details.
* Click on tags to dynamically add them to your search.
* Added an option to have inclusive or exclusive tag search!
# Map page
* You can now remove your own comments by yourself

# Fixes
* Removed environment buttons on the frontpage
* Supporter Maps: Fixed the "Show More button on the frontpage"
* API: TrackUID will now be returned for "Get_Track_Info"
* Tags: Added "Styles" as a secondary descriptor to unconfuse some of you
* Map upload: Enhanced the info that you can upload HD images now
Lead Developer
Location: DE
28.07.2020 27 July 2020 22:13:59  
* Fixed an issue where some supporters did not receive privileges

* API: get-map-info-multi via UID should work as expected again
* API: fixed a documentation error (trackname instead of mapname as parameter)
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