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 Welcome to Trackmania Exchange!
by   Sky at 01 Jul, 2020  

Welcome to Trackmania Exchange!

Trackmania Exchange (TMX) is the central website for every Trackmania player to share their maps and replays with the community.

Make an account on TMX to share your own maps with the world! Receive feedback and awards from other players. Discover the unlimited creativity of the community by downloading and playing the maps of others. Join the biggest community of content creators in Trackmania!

For every version of Trackmania there has been a TMX tracksharing site. Since 2004, more than a million maps have been uploaded to our community and we look forward to continue this success story in the new game! We celebrate the start of the new game not only with the launch of the new Trackmania Exchange, but also with the introduction of many new features:

• New site design! (Work in Progress)
• Supporters can upload up to 5 images to their tracks
• HD image upload (up to 500KB) for everyone
• New Signpack

Click here to start finding tracks and join us in the forums or on Discord, if you have any questions.

Happy Creating!
The TMX Admin & Mod Team
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