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Vroom Vroom FS Cup
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Vroom Vroom FS Cup 30 October 2020 10:50:45  

It is time that car go brr…

TrackmaniaExchange is organizing its very first VROOM VROOM FS CUP and boy, will that be fun. The general premise: An innovative time attack period of almost two weeks is followed by playoffs in cup mode.

Phase 1 – Qualification – 30.10. - 11.11.

As the biggest place to upload and share your custom maps, TMX also sees its fair share of fullspeed maps uploaded to the site. We have collected the 25 best fullspeed maps uploaded to the website so far, to feature them in a fullspeed competition. Okay, admittedly, we did exclude Simo’s transitional masterpieces so we would not torture you too much during your hunting sessions. The maps are collected in a mappack on TMX called TMX – Best of Fullspeed.
In order to participate, you have to upload your best times on these maps. If you feel cocky, take a gamble and upload your second best times.

You can play the maps online in a room (called Vroom Vroom FS Cup) of the Trackmania Exchange club!

When? 30.10. - 11.11., 23:59 CET
Which Maps? The maps in the Best of Fullspeed mappack on TMX:https://trackmania.exchange/mappack/view/168/tmx-best-of-fullspeed
Who Advances? In the mappack you find a mappack leaderboard. If on November 11th, 23:59 CET, you are in the Top 16 of this leaderboard, you will make it to the playoffs.
Do I Have To Play All 25 Maps? No, as long as you are in the Top 16 of the leaderboard, it does not matter how many replays you uploaded.

How does the Leaderboard work?

Every map has a map value based on how many replays are uploaded to the map.

The maximum points tally to be gained per map is defined by the map value. Points within the map are distributed based on the best replay times as score (e.g. P1 - 100%, P2 - 80%,...). The map value increases as follows:
+1 for every new player
+1 for each beaten replay (+2 for featured maps)
+1 for each position improvement (hunting bonus)

So it is a good idea to upload replays early and often on maps that you like – they will be more valuable afterwards! The cool thing is that the most popular maps therefore weigh more – quite unique for a TA phase.

Phase 2 – Playoffs

If you are in the Top 16, you will have the chance to join the playoffs on November 14th at 16.00 CET. These will take place online in TM2020 in cup mode, starting with the quarterfinals.

If you are part of the Top 16, but you don’t have time for the playoffs, please let Sky know on Discord (Sky#1505). In that case, the next people in the leaderboard will take your spot.

Playoff Maps: For the playoffs, the players have a chance to vote which maps they want to play! After the TA phase, I will share a poll and the 5 most-voted for maps will be played in the playoffs.

Other Information

Want to talk about the competition? There is a dedicated channel on the TMX Discord: http://discord.mania.exchange/

Want to stream the playoffs? No problem at all.

What is the prize distribution?

First Place: 40 Euros
Second Place: 25 Euros
Third Place: 10 Euros

And remember: Vroom vroom car gotta go fast..
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12 November 2020 08:44:19  


Congratulations to our Top 16 for qualifying! The seeding leads to the following quarterfinals:

QF 1:
1 - Chroma
5 - Mariogalaxie
16 - DontCareTM

QF 2:
2 - Kyrill
6 - redpulp
11 - lolgamer
15 - harry-1-6

QF 3:
3 - bcp
7 - Kakkou
10 - Devos
14 - Transporter

QF 4:
4 - Dubby
8 - CD
9 - seasonxbl
13 - Snixtho

Preliminary Playoff Bracket: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YHYLMzdmavPZyXFikUw-y28xa4fHY9-jkhZ8krd9R0s/edit?usp=sharing
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