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MTC July 2020 - Scratching the Surfaces
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02 August 2020 09:50:25  
03 August 2020 23:33:04  
omg i see tonight i need upload my map in this mappack ...

i dont do it . i upload the map on the normal way :(

is my map now not in the mappool ?

04 August 2020 04:30:23  
Its number 26 in the mappool;)

Location: DE
04 August 2020 06:40:59  
I added the map manually :)
Site Leader
04 August 2020 10:25:08  
thank you :)
MTC Julz 2020 - Results 05 September 2020 09:29:53  
It took a while, but finally they are here - the results of the very first MTC on TMX!

Thanks to the official judges   Keissla.wp,   eFFecT and   Switch, as well as the three public voters. I decided to add the public votes in sum to the overall result, given the small amount of voters from the public. Understandable, with 29 entries, it definitely took a while to get through all the maps while giving good feedback.


The very first Monthly Track Contest on TMX has a clear and convincing winner in   _firestorrm, who takes first place by quite a margin - astonishing map, with 189 out of 200 points from the official judges. Well deserved first place! Congratulations :):award:

1. Place "MTC - Interceptor by   _firestorrm - 216.5 / 230
2. Place "althea (mtc) by   timmy»UD - 200
3. Place "MTC-Caliga by   Aspher - 179

And then it got really tight in the midfield:

You can find the full feedback of the judges in the results:

Full Results: https://cryptpad.fr/sheet/#/2/sheet/view/q0aXEvrTAT8OslaAYQaO3F-mT-4aBFssa5Za1cmOez8/embed/

See you for the next competition!
Site Leader
05 September 2020 11:12:21  
Gg everyone who participated and congratulations to firestorm for first place:gold:
05 September 2020 17:49:45  
Grats firestorm!
Blocks are our friends <3
05 September 2020 17:57:00  
Yay! GG to everyone.(y)

Location: DE
05 September 2020 23:02:01  
gg everyone , gz firestorm(y)
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