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Wednesday, July 1, 2020 (348 days ago)
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 10 hours ago
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Hello there!
I'm PangoLynne, from Melbourne, Australia.
I started playing TrackMania around 2004-ish with TM PowerUp, later becoming active in the community in late 2007 when I played Nations and United.
I joined the ManiaExchange crew in June 2017 as a host of the weekly MX Knockouts, later becoming the primary host and map tester for the events. I also occasionally host and/or judge events such as the Monthly Track Contests.
If you're looking for map recommendations, have a look through the many maps I've awarded!

Past Event Hosting:
TMX Knockouts
MX User Choice Awards 2018
MX User Choice Awards 2019
MX MTC March 2018
MX MTC September 2019

Participation & Achievements:
Maps Uploaded: 12 | Favourite: "Zephyr Bowline"
- Participant in TM alpha
- Joined TrackMania Exchange!
- Alpha Track of the Day: April 19th | May 5th | June 8th | June 24th
- Featured map: July 2020
- 90MC - 1: Result: 11th
- 90MC - 2: Result: 22nd

Extra Links:
United TMX
Mania Exchange
Item Exchange
Discord: PangoLynne #7986
Newest Map
Length: 45 secs
WR:   00:37.335
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