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[90MC] - The 90 Minutes Competition is back!
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08 September 2020 19:22:50  
gg all (y)
hope to see such activity on the next theme.
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09 October 2020 10:50:50  
The second edition will take place tomorrow, 10th of October, at 20:00 CEST.
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10 October 2020 17:15:33  
45 minutes until theme reveal!
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10 October 2020 18:00:00  
Welcome to the first edition of the 90MC in the new TM!

The most important rules can be found on page 1 of this thread, but this post is here to bring you today's specific theme. With the release of this post you have 90 minutes to complete your track according to the theme, upload it to TMX and post it here in the thread.

Theme: Get Blocked

Every block in the route has to be different to the blocks immediately connected to it (so right before, after and next to it). So you are allowed to use the same type of block multiple times in your track, you just cannot use them "in a row".

Example: You can use a normal platform block (5-1-1-1-1) several times in your map, but never two of them in a way that they would touch each other.

General Rules:
- Everything has to be built during the competition timespan - using preexisting maps or large macroblocks is not allowed.
Use the tag [90MC - 2] to mark the track as a part of the competition.
- Mixing is allowed
- Custom Objects are allowed

Deadline: 21:30 CEST

If you want to take part in this competition, we recommend you join us on Discord. Questions will be answered there: https://discord.mania.exchange/

We are also gathering in the voice chat over there, always nice to join us!
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10 October 2020 19:21:06  

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10 October 2020 19:25:11  
10 October 2020 19:25:16  
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10 October 2020 19:26:14  
10 October 2020 19:28:16  
rubber burner
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10 October 2020 19:28:31  
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