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Monday, July 6, 2020 (281 days ago)
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Hi, my name is Burly. I am a mapper who is mainly focused on ice maps.
When I was a kid I used to play a lot of Trackmania Sunrise Extreme. I build a few hundred trash maps, than I stopped playing because the game became unplayable because of the lag. I never uploaded any of my maps to TMX, because I had no idea, that something like that would exist. As soon as I heard of the new Trackmania game, I was hyped right away. At launchday I went into the map editor immediately and started testing the game. At the beginning I hated Ice, because it was just annoying and I couldn't handle it. But at some point I thought I give it a chance, so I built my first full ice map called Iced Out. While building the map I figured how to handle my car on ice more and more and I began to like it, so I kept building ice maps. I don't think I'm only gonna build ice maps in the future, but for now I have a lot of fun doing it.
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