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Wednesday, July 1, 2020 (398 days ago)
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 An hour ago
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Hello there,

I'm going with the name Enysado in this game since 2015. I've played it competitively with some pauses for a tech team called THC :cool:
I like to make Tech Maps and might try some more Dirt, Fullspeed or mixed-mapping in the future. :d

You can contact me for anything TM or Mapping related on Discord: Enysado#8787

My Competitive Mapping Statistics in this Game:

16x Competitive Tech Maps (14 of them were chosen for a Competition)
14x Competitive Minis
1x Competitive Endurance Tech Map
1x Competitive Dirt Map (Used in a Competition)
1x Competitive Mixed Map (TOTD 19.5.2021)
1x Competitive Grass Map (TOTD 25.5.2021)

1x Winner of 90MC-4

Non-Competitive Statistics:

4x Short Tech Maps
4x TMX 90MC Maps
1x Dirt Map
1x Fun Map
1x Scenery Only Map
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Vehicle: CarSport
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