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MTC October 2023 - Turbocharged Trick or Treating
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MTC October 2023 - Turbocharged Trick or Treating  

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Welcome to the Monthly Track Contest (MTC) for October 2023!
The MTC is a track building contest hosted by TrackmaniaExchange which challenges you to build a map with a specific theme. Later, all the tracks are rated and a winner is found.
There are no prerequisites or qualification requirements to enter; just read the theme below, hop in your editor, and submit a track before the deadline!

As a kid, my favorite part of Halloween was definitely the candy. While you may want to blitz through the neighborhood as fast as possible, you still have to stop at each house if you want any of those tasty sweets! So, let's remember to slow things down every now and again with this month's theme:

:build: Theme: Turbocharged Trick or Treating
  • Excluding the start, the car must be reduced to 1st gear at least 2 times
  • Remember, the lights on the back of the car show the current gear

:wait: General Rules
  • One entry is allowed per user. Multi-author maps count as the single entry for all authors involved
  • "MTC" must be present in the track name as it appears on TMX. Example: "trickery (mtc)" or "MTC | Ore Treat"
  • All entries must be built using the latest version of the game
  • All entries must be built specifically for this MTC
  • Blockmixing, Offgrid mapping, and Embedded Items are allowed
  • Texture mods are allowed
  • Royal tracks are not allowed

If you have any questions or would like to contest a rule, feel free to ask!

(brb) Submitting and Deadline
  • Submit your course to the MTC mappack before the deadline below
  • Submissions may be freely updated within the submission period
  • The earliest deadline for submissions is the end of November 2nd. Submissions will continue to be accepted until I officially announce closure in this thread, which will likely occur the following EST morning
  • Everyone will have 24 hours after submissions close to make any last minute edits to their submissions
  • After this, you may not make any more updates until after the results are published

:award: Prizes
  • Honour and the right to brag! (Jozii used to say that. I wasn't around then, but maybe some of you still remember him? :p)
  • The winning track will be featured on the TrackmaniaExchange front page!

:done: Judging
  • For judging, we will be using a public voting system
  • A server will be opened for about a week that anyone can play the MTC maps on
  • Anyone can vote by using the server's karma system
  • More details on this will be provided in this thread once voting opens

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in this thread or in Discord! Now then, get to building!

MTC Host
Most of you probably already know this, but just to make sure we're clear on what counts as 1st gear, here's a couple example pictures. First, this car is in 1st gear:

Now, having accelerated past 100 km/h, the car has shifted into 2nd gear. Note the additional pair of lights under the wing and around the speedometer!
MTC Host
Creative theme idea--cool and different!
Track Slacker
Location: US
Just a reminder that you've got a bit more than a day left to submit your maps!
MTC Host
Submissions are officially closed! All entrants have 24 hours from this post to make any edits to their submitted maps. With the February 2023 MTC judging still going on, it'll be a few days before judging for this month begins.
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MTC Host
Voting is Open!  
Spooky month may be over, but now it's time to judge the 5 courses who braved its theme!

Here's how to vote:
  • Go to the "MTC" room found in the TM Exchange club
  • When you're on a map, send one of these vote messages into chat to vote:
    • -- = 1 point (bad)
    • - = 2 points
    • +- = 3 points
    • + = 4 points
    • ++ = 5 points (good)
  • If you need to change your vote on a map, just send your new vote in chat. Only the most recent vote on each map is recorded
  • The map with the highest average rating wins!
  • Everyone can vote! If you made a map, your vote on your own map WILL be counted (feel free to give it a ++ !)
  • You do not need to finish a map to vote on it, but please give it your best effort!
  • You must vote on at least half of the maps for your votes to count
  • If you liked a map, please leave it an award
  • If you have any feedback, please leave a comment on the map's page
  • The jukebox and voting are enabled, so feel free to request, extend, and skip maps
The voting period will last for at least one week, after which I will tally all the votes and our final results will be posted!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Otherwise, start driving and get voting!
MTC Host

Sorry for the delay! My November ended up being pretty busy. Anyways, we have a surprise tie for first place!

pjw is our first first place finisher! :gold:

Beeri2001 reaches gold as well! :gold:

TakeIt-Easy-Man easily takes the bronze! :bronze:

Congratulations to our winners!

Here's the link to the full results sheet.

Thanks to all the builders and voters who participated in the contest!

Voting has just begun for the November MTC, and the December MTC has just begun!

Thanks again, and see you next time!
MTC Host
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