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MTC November 2022 - Nostalgia
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MTC November 2022 - Nostalgia 2022-11-01 10:28:23  

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Welcome to the MTC (Monthly Track Contest) for November 2022!
The MTC is a track building contest hosted by TrackmaniaExchange which challenges you to build a map with a specific theme.
There are no prerequisites or qualification requirements to enter, just continue reading the theme below, hop in your editor, and submit a track before the deadline!

:build: Theme: Nostalgia
- Build a track of any style you want that is a tribute to an old trackmania environnement. (any environment from TMUF to TM2 apart stadium ofc)

Entries must be submitted to the MTC mappack before 04/12/2022 23h59.
Following the deadline, the Host will close the mappack for submissions. At that point, all maps in the mappack are considered valid entries. If you map is sent in less than 24h after the deadline, 5 pts per day will be retired in the total of the judge points

:award: Prize
- Honor and right to brag!
- The winning track will be featured on the TrackmaniaExchange front page!
- The mappack will be featured at the main page after the deadline!

:wait: Rules
- One entry is allowed per user. Multi-author maps count as the single entry for all authors involved.
- “MTC” must be present in the track name as it appears on TMX.
- All entries must be built using the latest version of the game.
- All entries must be built specifically for this MTC.
- Blockmixing, Offgrid mapping, and Embedded Items are allowed.
- Texture mods are allowed.
- Royal tracks are not allowed.

:done: Judging System
All entries will be graded by a panel of judges who will be studying each map based on the following criteria:

Theme (20 pts): How well does the track fit the theme? How creatively did you implement the theme’s requirements?
Design/Route (10 pts): Flow, smoothness, layout, speed, transitions, difficulty. The “Feel” of the track.
Details/Polish (10 pts): Signage, Scenery, Mediatracker. Does the track feel like it has the finishing touches?
Fun Factor (10 pts): Is the track fun to the judge? Some extra points can be given here.

Good luck! Please ask any questions in this thread or in discord, otherwise get to building!
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Location: FR
2022-11-27 16:55:14  
Due to some requests, the deadline have been changed to December 4th 23h59.

Location: FR
Next MTC 2022-11-28 16:54:19  
Will the MTC for December come out as usual or delayed because of the extended deadline?

Location: GB
2022-12-03 12:20:58  
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