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MTC March 2022 - WICKED!
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call terror, arkive and deadfish to help. i mean damn guys spend time to create , this is not nice bro

Location: DE
oh no, thats unfortunate :(

Location: AT
Voting is Open!  
With the MTC rolling again, we're looking to finish what we've started. So, though it's about a year and a half late, let's get some results for this MTC, shall we? We'll be using the public voting system from the recent September MTC, so feel free to pitch in and help decide the winner!

Here's how to vote:
  • Go to the "MTC" room found in the TM Exchange club
  • When you're on a map, send one of these vote messages into chat to vote:
    • -- = 1 point (bad)
    • - = 2 points
    • +- = 3 points
    • + = 4 points
    • ++ = 5 points (good)
  • If you need to change your vote on a map, just send your new vote in chat. Only the most recent vote on each map is recorded
  • The map with the highest average rating wins!
  • Everyone can vote! If you made a map, your vote on your own map won't be counted
  • You do not need to finish a map to vote on it, but please give it your best effort!
  • You must vote on at least half of the maps for your votes to count
  • If you liked a map, please leave it an award
  • If you have any feedback, please leave a comment on the map's page
  • The jukebox and voting are enabled, so feel free to request, extend, and skip maps
The voting period will last for a bit more than one week, after which I will tally all the votes and our final results will be posted!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Otherwise, start driving and get voting!
MTC Host

Shmoving right into first, we have asyr.NJ! :gold:

  • The best of the pack! Grats. - Bandilock, 28 Mar 2022
  • Map is wicked too! - eyebo, 26 Aug 2023

dackstone conquers the jungle gym and secures silver! :silver:

It took them under 3 hours to get third place; HACHIKUKU takes home bronze! :bronze:

As a fun little aside, HACHIKUKU noted on their map page that they wanted to update their map's GPS after the MTC. Well, it might be over a year since then, but you can finally make that change!

Congratulations to our winners!

Here's the link to the full results sheet.

Thanks to all the builders and voters who participated in the contest!

The voting period for the August MTC has just begun, so if you're itching to drive some more MTC maps head over there and help us find the winner! If you're thinking about making a map, consider the September MTC; it's not even a week old yet, so you've got more than enough time to build! And if you're waiting on the other unresolved MTCs, don't worry! Once the August MTC voting period wraps up, we'll get back to the backlog!

Thanks again, and see you next time!
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