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MTC March 2022 - WICKED!
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Thank you! ♥

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Submissions are closed. Thank you for submitting your maps!
Judging will start soon.

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As we switched to CEST this weekend where i am living rn, we will extend the deadline about 1h from my closing post.
So for CEST the deadline is 1am.

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Due to physics changes in the last update some maps have been affected and are not working like intended before. We will keep that in mind while judging.
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What about an April MTC??
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No April MTC?
There will not be an MTC April 2022 for TM2020. We are using the break to catch up on the backlog of judging from past months. Thanks for your patience, and see you in May!

You're also welcome to participate in the MTC April 2022 for TM2.
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hmm so many months later and still missing a result.

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They only just released the results for January and February, this one is probably next soon

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Hey guys, i am sorry to announce this, but there unfortunately won't be any results for this mtc.
Only one of the judges was able to submit the results in the 6 month time period i gave them. I tried to find other judges, but that didn't work out as well.

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