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10 years MX - BASCO2021
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28 September 2021 20:01:50  
Congrats to   aZixTM &   _firestorrm for winning Stage 8!

We had 6 judges evaluate 3 submitted maps.

Here's the results from Stage 8:

:gold: azixfirestorrm
:silver: deska
:bronze: finsp

Even if there were only three maps it was really hard to choose between all of them. Results were close. Good job to all the four mappers.

Stage 9 is delayed to tomorow, time for us to prepare the map before Mediatracker stage
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30 September 2021 07:49:42  
Stage 9 begins now!

Everyone is welcome to participate in Stage 9, the MediaTracker stage, including those who won previous stages.
Please use "S8-aZix&firestorrm-for-s9" to build your Stage 9 part. PLEASE NOTE: This is not the same map file that won the scenery stage. It has been updated. So please use this new file!

Submit your Stage 9 part to the BASCO Stage 9 mappack.
Deadline for Stage 9 submissions is Thursday October 7, 2021 at 22:00 CEST

Please take in consideration that rules have been added for MediaTracker stage:

... says:

  • You must create an "Intro" and "End race" MT
  • "Ambience" MT was already added during Scenery stage. Do not modify it.
  • "Intro" must be 20 seconds or less (maximum time for online intros)
  • "Intro" should introduce the map and the mappers, including the scenery and MediaTracker builders (there are signs in the map for each, including a placeholder sign for MediaTracker stage winner)
  • Take into consideration static respawn positions when making the "End race" MT.
  • There is a designated location for the GPS. Prepare the MT for it. The ghost will be provided by shorty when its ready. Some overlaid text indicating that shorty is the driver should be present.
  • Stage 9 participants must also submit a screenshot of the map that will be used on the final track page. It should contain text featuring the track name "BASCO 2021", and a list of the builders, including Scenery, and MT makers.
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    01 October 2021 05:16:27  
    Here's the ghost file to use.
    Time: 1:01.131
    Driven by: sh0rty.de
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    22 October 2021 03:25:08  
    From October 10, 2021 on Discord (oops we forgot to post it here):

    Hey guys, we've reached the finish line and the last result we give for this BASCO. After a small discussion we decided to judge MT and screenshot apart from each other. And we got two different winners because of that. So for MediaTracker, the winner is Nacho. Congrats to them!

    The screenshot winner is Tuta. They teamed-up with EntryLag's MediaTracker. We would like to thank everyone who participated, and also thanks to our team of judges. ❤️

    There's some final work to be done to prepare the map for release, but we'll do that in the coming days, and release it as soon as possible.

    We'll also be contacting each winner from each stage for their rewards!

    As some people requested here is the complete judging sheet we used for this BASCO.

    For Stage 1 we tried two different systems of judging, and went with the Top 10 system. So you see two different sets of results on that sheet. From then on the judges just ranked their top 10.
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    23 October 2021 03:14:50  
    Map is out! GG all!

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