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Rate the music posted above
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Rate the music posted above  
Classic topic from TMNF-exchange, and surely one of my favorites! Here you can share music and rate previous stuff. Also discussion related to songs is welcome. In best case, you will find something new stuff you have never listened before!

Simple rules:
1. Rate previous song using scale from 1 to 10.
2. Open up your view more if you want to, not necessary of course.
3. Link a new song for next user to rate.

I'll start with the first song linked to TMNF topic back in 2008, then linked by user Low_B. Not entirely my style but I like the happy feeling :)

Alex Gaudino - Watch Out
Trackmania legend
Location: FI
because it sounds like a bad 'Mousse T. Vs Hot’n’Juicy - Horny ‘98' rip-off

Say Lou Lou - Everything We Touch

Location: DE
Been a while since I heard this tune, but it still works. Say Lou Lou is such cool electronic indiepop, easy listening with great production. Sometimes leaves me a bit bored, but I still like their stuff overall :). 7.5/10.

Dallas Kalevala - Life Is Beautiful
Trackmania legend
Location: FI
Damn, I had to use Google to find new TM Exchange site, and when I did find it - I checked the forum and see my name in first post. What a coincidence. I didn't play TM in ages, but I'm excited to try this one.

To go back on-topic, I dig 'Life is Beautiful' beat, solid 7/10.
My entry: Dennis Cruz - El Sueno

Going back bit off-topic, is this the 'official' site? Old sites seemed to have more traction and bigger community.
Oh wow haha, cool coincidence! Yes, this is the official TMX for new game. It actually seems to be quite active with lots of tracks being uploaded, but nowadays people are more familiar using Discords servers for chatting instead of forums. I am boomer enough to like forums like this for some things, but you will find a lot more discussion in Discord. For example this link should work to get into TMX discord :)

About the song itself, cool house stuff! Something I would like to listen while driving a longer trip, especially at night time ^^ A bit boring to listen due to joy of listening I'd say, but would work in situations like the one I described. 6.8/10.

Boris Brejcha - The Darkest Night
Trackmania legend
Location: FI
Quite cool, makes me want to discover more from the artist even though I don't listen to much to this kind of "dark minimal tech" musics as described in one of the comments. 7.5/10

Hello btw :)

Bodhi - Haute

Location: FR
Chill music there, works to my taste. Atmospheric sound world with good vocals. I also like the not-perfect drum kit, gives it some charisma! 8.5/10.

Röyksopp - Keyboard Milk
Trackmania legend
Location: FI
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