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Question about multilaps
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Question about multilaps 10 October 2020 13:04:23  
I've played on a few multilap maps where when you finished your run it would start the next one as you crossed the finish line, so you could get a flying start on your next run.

I asked around and searched for solutions but am unable to find a way to replicate this.

The problem is that when I test the map with the online time attack mode in the editor, it works as I want it too. As soon as I load it into a club however, it just ends each run after 1 lap and forces you to retry from the start.

This is the script I use to test it in the editor that makes it work, but it will not work on any real server.
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Ensure the room is edited to allow multiple laps 03 January 2021 22:37:03  
Hello. Sorry this is late, just joined this website today. Have you checked that the room settings are set to lap mode and not time attack? As well as checking that the number of laps is set higher than 1?
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