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[90MC] - The 90 Minutes Competition is back!
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90MC #5 Results!  
Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who helped to make this edition possible!

:gold: "[90mc - 5]'Eudoxus" by Clearvision
:silver: "[90MC - 5]Left oof" by Gilli
:bronze: "[90MC - 5] - Vulture" by Enysado

1. Eudoxus, 45.0 pts
2. Left oof, 40.5 pts
3. Vultures, 39.0 pts
4. Attitude, 38.8 pts
5. Oddjob, 38.8 pts
6. Got these babies on sale, 35.3 pts
7. MonkaMultilap, 34.8 pts
8. Pamphlet, 34.0 pts
9. Combobulation, 33.5 pts
10. Garbage, 32.3 pts
11. late, 31.8 pts
12. Hopeless, 31.0 pts

Thanks to:
- All the Item builders, for making this a fun theme!
- All the Judges for their prompt (except me) and thoughtful judging!
- All the participants, for building some amazing maps considering the limitations!

Full Results with Judges comments.

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GG guys. :)
Was a really fun comp. I did not at all expect to get 2nd on my first ever 90mc. Thank you for organizing   skybaxrider»UD and thanks to the judges. :)

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gg, thanks! :$ and a well deserved second place!

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Don't lose your gear 5 through the rest of this week because this weekend is another 90MC! The 90 MC, or 90 minute competition is a contest where you have 90 minutes after the theme reveal to build and submit a track. Everyone is welcome to participate!

This Sunday at 17:00 CEST the theme will be revealed in the Forum and on Discord, and 90 minutes later submissions will be closed.

Join our Discord or check out the forums to discuss and prepare!
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