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Freestyle Cup 2020
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Freestyle Cup 2020 06 August 2020 02:50:42  

For those of you on TMUF exchange, you may have already seen the Freestyle Cup has been going on for a few months now, but I am happy to announce the final month of the competition will be played on TM 2020!:cool:

•What is the freestyle cup?

The freestyle cup is what combines Trackmania and skate-themed stunts for a fun-filled competition! Freestyle, unlike the classic stunt mode in TM, has no in-game point system and requires a different set of skills compared to normal stunts. A typical freestyle map will have plenty of sections for which you can show off your skateboard skills, but with a TM vehicle. There will be a different map selected for each month.

•What is the goal of the freestyle cup?

The goal for each month is to create your absolute best 2-minute run on a freestyle map. Fill your run with as many stunts as possible and drive as clean and smoothly as possible, as if it were all recorded. At the end of each month, our judges will rate the run out of 500 points. The driver with the most amount of points across all three months will be crowned the winner! :gold:

•What kind of stunts are the judges looking for?

If you have any skateboard experience, you probably know terms like "50/50", "fakie", and "5-0", but that knowledge is not required. Here are a few examples of some freestyle stunts & tricks:

540 to slide, by Etii

reverse 180 to slide, by Maniamaster

slide, then slide x4 by NitroGuy

Along with these gifs, there are some videos as well. In the freestyle cups from 2007-2009, a few videos were made of the winning runs from various months, called "Ze Run."

Koko's run from August 2008
Timae's run from September 2008

...And some fantastic compilations from previous seasons:
FC January-May 2007
FC 2006 (Sadly the video is muted)

•How does scoring work?

As stated before, the goal is to fit as much into 2 minutes as possible, but still keep the driving smooth. There are many different categories for scoring in freestyle:

Tricks (Max 150 pts.): Stunts & tricks can each be scored from 0-9 points depending on how complex they are. Multiple tricks can be chained together for combos, as seen in the gifs.

Originality (Max 100 pts.): Create your own unique route with the best stunts you can do. Do not repeat the same stunts too many times, Don't use the same ramp/section more than once or twice, go out of your way to reach a further area, and innovate!

Style (Max 100 pts.): Smoothness is key. Do your best to land each stunt on all four wheels, don't let the vehicle roll over, and keep moving. No involuntary stops!

Ramps/Sections (Max 100 pts.): It's important to use as much of the map as time allows.. Try to reach the highest and lowest areas of the map and use as many ramps as possible.

Penalties (Max 50 pts.): Your run must be within the time limit of 1:55-2:05. For each second outside the time frame, a 1-point penalty will be deducted. All time penalties are rounded up to the next second. For example, if your run is 2:07.13, it will be rounded up to 2:08 and you will receive a 3-point penalty. Even if your run is 2:05.01, that is a 1-point penalty.

Respawns will also be a penalty. Five points for the first one, then 15, 30, 50, 75, 105....hopefully you don't respawn this many times. :p

Theoretically, 500 points is possible but your run would need to be as flawless as a perfect press-forward map in order to achieve that. In the freestyle cup, above-average runs range from 175-225 points, and great runs range from 225-275 points. Anything over 300 points is extremely difficult to achieve.

•The map will be announced with this post. You will have until August 30, 2020 to submit your run.

To submit a run, private message me a link to your replay. Until the deadline, you can send as many replays as you'd like, but only the most recent one will count. Feel free to add me on Discord if that is easier for you: nitroguy#0365

•Do you have plenty of freestyle experience and are interested in judging? It would be a pleasure to have you sign up. Unlike the MTCs, judges are allowed to participate in the Freestyle Cup. They will judge all replays except their own. In order to better average the scores, I'm looking for as many judges as I can find. Send me a message if you'd like to sign up.

Any questions? Feel free to ask! :cool:

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06 August 2020 02:55:04  
The map of the month is Bowl Extrem 2020 by DiAbl0.

Remember, you must keep your run between 1:55 and 2:05 (to not face a time penalty) and the deadline to submit your run is August 30, 2020. ;)

The winning replay will be featured in a video of the winning runs!
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06 August 2020 22:13:12  
Let's not forget the best video and run.
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07 August 2020 02:43:23  
Freestyle is super fun, 8-| I'm looking forward to participating in this months! I just wish replay saving wasn't so jenky in this TM...
14 September 2020 09:53:58  
When will our replays be rated and the map for this month announced?
03 October 2020 17:58:47  
Sorry for the delay :) Sadly, Wuffeli, this was just a one-month project. I'm open to continuing it if enough are interested, but for now the season is over. Here are the results!

:gold: Youriz - 319
:silver: Wuffeli - 307
:bronze: NitroGuy - 306
DiAbl0 - 303
Maniamaster - 302
prince10bee - 131

Link to all replays!

Link to judges scores
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05 October 2020 10:29:20  
Grats Youriz:d:d
Blocks are our friends <3
06 October 2020 00:15:07  
super close scores, and cool runs from everyone! congrats youriz!
11 October 2020 02:53:12  
I made a highlight video from the replays: https://youtu.be/HHehFYCUd14

I also made a video with each of the full replays: https://youtu.be/XnTJf6CguB4
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