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by  Karlberg  |  0
AT   00:41.761 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Expert 
ID  37212 
 11 September 2021 05:53:26
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Track of the day 16th September 2021

Made during my stream on twitch!
Building progress will probably be uploaded to youtube, but can be found uncut on twitch too

AT is a challenge 8-|

Author Time: 41.761
Build time: approx 30h
Weight: 7018cc
Grid: Route, most of scenery except for small signs
Custom items: Pole covers only
Mood: Day

:build: Update 9/11 - fixed the safe route in end and made the single pole a double one to fix the fastest line and added a block to prevent clipping on one of the transitions

 Embedded objects13 Objects
Object IX? Object author
spc_slope_p_pillar.Item.gbx squiki.wp
spc_slope_start_p_pillar.Item.gbx squiki.wp
spc_slope_start_r_decal_1.Item.gbx squiki.wp
spc_slope_start_r_pillar_1.Item.gbx squiki.wp
Pole_Cover_Platform_Flat_Dark.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Platform_Tilted.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Road_Banked.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Road_Tilted.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Road_Tilted_Single.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
Pole_Cover_Platform_Flat.Item.Gbx _firestorrm
GrassRemoverBeta01.Block.Gbx SchurkSmurf
spc_slope_start_p_decal.Item.gbx squiki
spc_slope_r_decal.Item.gbx squiki
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