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 TMX Archive Project

by  SkiFreak ,  sophie.ice |  528 |  23072
ID  2111 
The goal of this mappack is to archive as many playable, decenty good maps from tmx as possible. I will be adding many people as mappack manager, and the managers should be adding to the mappack any good maps they come across. The maps don't have to be amazing, but the goal is to not have bad ones.

This could be a nice filter for people searching for maps but not wanting to look through the tens of thousands of maps uploaded to tmx. Also anything utilizing random maps often has the issue where there are often a lot of extremely bad maps, so certain random events could in theory use a mappack such as this as a source rather than all of tmx.

If you would like to be added as a manager to add maps to the mappack, contact ski freak on discord.
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