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 COMP-2021B - Lift-off

by  Keissla.wp  |  0
AT   01:03.940 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  22365 
 01 January 2021 12:00:00
 Visible (approved) |  Released    2021-01-01T12:00:00.0000000 
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Competitive Open Map Pool - Pack B shortz Productions  shortz
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Map built and picked for the Competitive Open Map Pool category B.

 Embedded objects11 Objects
Object IX? Object author
PlatformRamp2M.Block.Gbx OsqkmsHkSACI76a-gAuyuw
PlatformRamp625CM.Block.Gbx OsqkmsHkSACI76a-gAuyuw
RoadTechTiltTransition2DiagLeft.Item.Gbx -8hu0C6HRmuGJNjTfpDZhw
LongRampPlat3.Item.Gbx iaDVsuodSbq6irAxmOQxig
GroundGreenFabric.Block.Gbx eyebo.wp
Road2PlatformSingleItem.Item.Gbx iNDEX
TechPlatformToRoadMirror.Item.Gbx slowpiou
TechTiltNarrowCenter.Item.Gbx slowpiou
bumproaddark.Block.Gbx Heasto
FeatherFlag_04.Item.Gbx htimh1
FeatherFlag_Road_04.Item.Gbx htimh1
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