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 (TR-CC) Twitch Rivals - Circuit

by  MajorGiggles ,  spammiej |  21 |  47
 Competition |  Other |  Stadium |  Trackmania
ID  93 
 01 August 2020 06:38:29 |  01 October 2020 21:55:38
Submissions Open: 10 September, 2020
Submissions Close: 25 September, 2020
Tracks Announced: 2 October, 2020
Twitch Rivals Trackmania: 14 October, 2020

Twitch Rivals Mappacks
  • [TR-SH] Short & Tech
  • [TR-T] Tech
  • [TR-SP] SpeedTech
  • [TR-CC] Circuit

    TR-CC Submission Guidelines

    • The file must use the naming convention "TR-CC - Map Name"
    • The track must be considered "Competitive" (Tag: Competitive)
    • The track must be a complete, multi-lap circuit.
    • Each lap must be able to be completed within 45-60 seconds
    • The track must have an "Identity" or key feature
    • Must be compatible with the Circuit script
    • Must be considered a Beginner-Intermediate track
    • At least 75% of the track must include tarmac and dirt. Other block types are optional.
    • Fully Respawnable

    Approved = In Final Mappack
    Retired = Honorable Mention
    Declined = Did not make it.

    General Submission Guidelines (follows TMX Mapping Guidelines)

    General Track Design
  • A clear and simple design. Easy to complete on your first run.
  • No parts requiring perfection in speed or overly precise steering.
  • Place checkpoints strategically to reduce the possibility of cuts.
  • Easy to Intermediate difficulty

  • Scenery should be used to lead the driver.
  • Use only default Nadeo signs (pending: Twitch Rivals signs)
  • Signs should be consistent and easy to follow.
  • Ability to finish the track from any stationary CP respawn using the main route.
  • The next CP should be placed no more than 10 seconds from the previous stationary respawn.

  • Blockmixing
  • GPS (only if triggered somewhere other than the start)
  • Custom signs with locators can be used for non-guidance purposes

    Not Allowed
  • Embedded Items/Blocks
  • Gate/Ring checkpoints (Respawn issues)
  • Custom Music
  • Excessive flickering textures
  • Multilap starts in Time Attack maps
  • Passworded maps
  • Previously released maps
  • Inappropriate map names (see rules below)
  • PF starts (they often break when using analog controllers)

    Naming Rules
  • All map names must be prefixed based on the map type:
  • Short & Tech: “TR-SH MapName”
  • Tech: “TR-T MapName”
  • Speed: “TR-SP MapName”
  • Circuit: “TR-CC MapName”
  • No offensive names (in any language)
  • No special characters
  • No repetitive names (eg. TR-X - MyTrack1, TR-X - MyTrack2, TR-X - Mytrack3, etc.)
  • No lazy names: (eg. TR-X - Valley, TR-X - 3, TR-X - hbfgfugbng)
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