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Read Post 11:09 PM on 21-May-2024
 Evo Esports
As an additional note to any potential mapper: Please make sure to not have any identifiable information available in the map that might let a tester figure out who you are when submitting, e.g. signs on checkpoints/start blocks, GPS ghosts, etc....
Read Post 7:41 AM on 13-Apr-2024
 Evo Esports
is Snowcar allowed ? StadiumCar only - thanks for the pointing out that this was missing from the requirements!
Read Post 6:43 AM on 13-Apr-2024
https://youtu.be/K1p4kvZP5yw?si=Ef5k054lSYcdIezE After exploring more ice maps on the review server and searching for ice driving training, I discovered some outdated ice mechanic tracks created by Scarzor, who has since moved on from TM2020 and won...
Read Post 3:55 PM on 12-Apr-2024
Thanks for reminding me, Just updated the info on the mappack (Y)
Read Post 4:38 PM on 11-Apr-2024
the tmx mappack limit is still 3 and has not been updated to 7
Read Post 8:38 AM on 11-Apr-2024
is Snowcar allowed ?
Read Post 1:39 PM on 09-Apr-2024
 Evo Esports
XPEvo 2024 The biggest and hottest community event of the year is coming back to XPERION Cologne from October 11th - 13th, 2024! Help us make this the most competitive event of the year by submitting your maps! Map name prefix: XPEvo24 - MapNam...
Read Post 4:41 AM on 03-Feb-2024
So quick update on the project, -Multiple submissions are now allowed: >2nd submissions allowed now >3rd submission allowed on February 4th >4th & 5th submission allowed on March 3rd >6th & 7th allowed on April 7th -New wood surface...
Read Post 9:46 PM on 08-Nov-2023
The Google Docs submission form seems to have bugged out. Submit maps to this TMX mappack Rules can be found on the dedicated discord: HERE
Read Post 9:10 PM on 08-Nov-2023
Can you make a tmx mappack where i can submit it Absolutely, here you go https://trackmania.exchange/mappack/view/3783