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Read Post 11:06 AM on 17-Jan-2021
Hello, I wanted to upload a replay and I haven't connected my Ubisoft Connect account to this ManiaExchange account yet. The thing is, I have always used my ManiaPlanet Account to log in, and using that does not work while trying to connect the acco...
Read Post 2:27 PM on 16-Jan-2021
Old School Rodz 3 by MNRN (Flash) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EYjokfkcqk
Read Post 6:39 PM on 13-Jan-2021
Please list also co-authors in search engine. For example, when i search for maps built by Neon1990 the result doesnt show the maps where he is co-author (like Orbit and Midnight Metropolis). Would be nice to see all maps where someone contributed to...
Read Post 11:29 AM on 12-Jan-2021
sooo ... uhm ... when do we get results? 👉👈
Read Post 7:38 PM on 10-Jan-2021
New update :) 22798
Read Post 3:05 PM on 10-Jan-2021
That looks really good! Cool idea :D
Read Post 12:49 AM on 10-Jan-2021
i noticed on my playerpage it is correct: https://trackmania.exchange/user/profile/26488 only if i click on my "avatar" to the top right and under preferences its bugged. cya
Read Post 12:46 AM on 10-Jan-2021
Hi, today i was intrigued to be not a supporter of this nive website/database. So i spend 5€. But my profile has a bugged-message: > Active > End of your Supporter privileges: Monday, January 1, 0001 Seems not correct. Thats all. K...
Read Post 7:19 PM on 08-Jan-2021
-- PICKED FOR FEBRUARY 2021 -- Track: 22395 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/gk0n1sls6pty40q/Snowy_day.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/fhdi08yums7mxoy/Snowy_night.jpg
Read Post 12:37 PM on 08-Jan-2021