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Another year has passed and its once again time to sign up for the yearly Christmas Calendar Project! If you haven't heard of the Christmas Calendar Project before, it is a project that aims to give you people a lovely Christmas-themed map every day in December, until Christmas. It has been a yearly tradition on TMX, MX and other exchange-sites over the years and we're excited to bring it to you once again.


For the next week, you can sign up for a chance to get one of the 25 spots in this years calendar, by filling out the form below. Duo/Group maps are allowed, but must be mentioned in the sign-up form. After 1 week from the date of this forum post, we will have a look at the submissions and choose 25 people that we deem fitting to get a varied and fun calendar from.

Due to some controversy in previous years, we should mention that the selections are not biased towards anyone from any specific mapping team, community or otherwise. We will try to select a group of map builders that represent the vast majority of the whole Trackmania community!

You will get contacted on Discord if you have been selected - so make sure to check your DMs! If we can't reach you on Discord, we reserve the right to chose another person. If you don't receive any message, then unfortunately you weren't selected but we still appreciate your support.

Once selected, the mappers will be invited to a separate Discord server, so we better can manage and keep track of the building process.

All spots has been assigned. Stay tuned for the maps releasing throughout December!


If you have been chosen, you will need to have the map done at least 1 week before your assigned date. This is to make sure all maps are done on time, so we can deliver a steady flow of Christmas-spirit throughout December!

A replay must also be ready with the map, so that we can have a video of it made in time.


Minimum length: 35 seconds
Map name: CCP#XX - Name (colors & styling is up to you)
Theme: Must have a Christmas or Winter theme
Max file size: 6mb
Assets: Must include the mod, backdrop and sign pack, which will be provided if you are selected.

It is not allowed to share the map, stream the build process or in any way show the map to anyone before the release date, as the maps and mappers are supposed to be secret, so each day is a surprise.
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