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hello everybody, i'm a lover of nascar on trackmania and also of formula 1 on reality...
i was wondering if it is possible do a type of racing/server with 9/10 laps with nascar maps with pitstop as happens on the formula 247 server...
do you think it would be a nice idea?
2 Questions  
I have a few questions:

1. Would it be a competitive race or casual server?
2. Would it have the same style of race as the trackmania formula league (but just with Nascar tracks)?
3. Is there anything you would need help with (mapping / starting the server)

I think overall it is a good idea.

Location: GB
1 i love competitive, yeah, like a nascar map
2i mean the same type of formula 1 with pit stop and 9/10 lap
3 i'm soo noob with editor and server i put there the idea... XD
Question 1  
For question 1 I meant would it be a 1 off tournament or a server that would always be online.

Location: GB
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