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Trackmania 20 years of freestyle project
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Trackmania 20 years of freestyle project  
Hello everyone!

How do I start this posts when the title say already a lot and nothing at the same time? Let's give it a try!

I'm almost sure that nobody already know me here, so let me introduce myself: I'm DiAbl0, founder of the +ÑNF+ freestyle team (To anyone who doesn't know anything about freestyle in TM, search for videos like Nation revolution, Street Style or the freestyle cup videos)
After a shy return on Trackmania 2020, I found a new idea.
I'm sure some of you know that the Trackmania series will be 20 years old in November 2023. What bests that this anniversary to express our love for the game.
That's why, with some members of the Freestyle Community, we have decided to launch a documentary project that retrace the history of this community made mod.

What is this "documentary" to begin with?

Trackmania 20 years of freestyle (temporary name) is a video where we talk about the freestyle mod, from the start to now, by interviewing community members with some in-game section, trick movie style, like the old days.

So, what's this posts?

To be fair, this project can't start without YOU!
The community has been really weakened since the release of TM2, we are trying to reach every person who had a contact with our community and what's best than posting where the Trackmania community is?
We also know that the freestyle community is more of a French thing and that the mod is/was not very popular among the international players, but it costs nothing to try

How to Help us?

Simple, yet complex.
-You were part of the community: Contact us!
-You know someone who were part of the community: Send him the link to this post!
-You don't know anyone, but you want to help: Talk about it in you TM communities!
Anything you do to help us is important

How to contact us:

-Reply to this post!
-DM me!

What is the deadline?
The TM 20 years anniversary (November 2023).

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reply!
I was part of the community, and could probably help out with this project :)
I'm really sorry SiH, i didn't saw your answer to this post. Check your DMs, the project is still very alive we'll need you !
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