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EFS - Evo Fullspeed Survival (Ongoing Map Request)
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EFS - Evo Fullspeed Survival (Ongoing Map Request)  
Evo Fullspeed Survival (EFS) regularly needs new maps to continue the competition! All players are welcome to submit maps for possible inclusion. Below are the mapping guidelines and information about submitting a map.

"Evo Fullspeed Survival" MapPack
Join the Evo Discord server for more info about the cup.
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❗ Build only in TM2020 ❗

General Track Design:
:build: Fullspeed maps of (almost) any style are accepted (rules for different surfaces below)
:build: Length of 45s to 55s.
:build: Place checkpoints strategically to reduce the possibility of cuts
:build: Intermediate to Advanced difficulty.
:build: Must be playable by both cam1 and cam2 players.
:build: Day, Sunrise, or Sunset moods are Required.

Scenery & Display Cost
❗ Under 10,000 display cost is preferred.
❗ Scenery should be used to lead the driver.
❗ Minimize scenery when it's out of view of the driver.

❗ Use of the Evo x 1Shot signpack is required
❗ Prominently display sponsor signs/items at least at the start and finish blocks.
❗ Signs should be consistent and easy to follow.
❗ Use correct dimensions for signs, don’t stretch or skew them.

❗ Loops and wallrides should have forced internal camera, terminated by a blank trigger.
❗ GPS is Required (triggered somewhere other than the start).

:done: Embedded items/blocks.
:done: Blockmixing (as long as there is no flickering).
:done: Freemapping.
:done: Maps rejected from other competitions if not released publicly.
:done: Grass, dirt and plastic if not exaggerated.

Not Allowed:
:undone: Custom music.
:undone: Passworded maps.
:undone: Previously released maps.
:undone: Inappropriate map names (see rules below).
:undone: Press Forward starts.
:undone: Ice anywhere.
:undone: Alternative routes, re-routes or cuts.
:undone: Cruise control or freewheeling sections more than 1 second.

Naming Rules
:undone: No offensive names (in any language).
:undone: No special characters.
:undone: No repetitive names (eg. EFS - MyTrack1, EFS - MyTrack2, etc.).
:undone: No lazy names: (eg. EFS - Stadium, EFS - 10, EFS - gnbgufgfbh)

Maps are submitted on a rolling basis, so no deadline exists. However, as time is needed to test maps, don’t expect a submission to be accepted to the tournament immediately.

How do I upload my map?
  • Go to the "Evo Fullspeed Survival" MapPack and click the Upload button.
  • Set the map as "Unreleased" and "Hidden", but not "Unlisted".
  • New maps can only be downloaded by EFS managers.

    What happens if my map is approved?
  • You'll receive a notification on TMX when the map is approved.
  • The map will be added to a queue of maps that can be used.
  • You will be notified via PM (TMX or Discord) when your map has been selected for a cup.

    What if modifications to the track are requested?
  • You'll receive a notification about what changes are requested.
  • When a map is updated, the map will be moved back to the pending stage and will be tested again.
  • Further modifications may be requested. Otherwise we will approve it.
  • Please note: Updating your map, even if updates aren't requested, will put the map back into pending.

    If my map is accepted, when can it be released?
  • You can release and unhide your map as soon as the map is officially announced.

    What if my map is declined?
  • If your map is declined, this means the map is unsuitable for the cup.
  • You'll get a notification if it's declined.
  • Maps are declined if major portions of the track would have to be changed to make the map suitable.
  • You can release your declined map by removing the EFS tag in-game, resaving the map, and re-uploading to TMX.

    Questions? Join our discord!
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