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What is the Christmas Calendar Project?

The Christmas Calendar Project (CCP) is an annual mapping event hosted by ManiaExchange. Every day of December, up until Christmas, a map will be released as a little present on both ManiaExchange and TrackmaniaExchange. With over a decade of history, we are happy to announce the 2021 edition of CCP! Everybody can participate.

There is no judging, no prize pool, no winner, just pure mapping and having a great time.

If you are also interested into building for ManiaExchange, check this thread out.

The CCP already started and is currently on going! A new map every day 12 pm UTC.



Participation rules

A thank you to everyone who showed interest into registering, mapping and participating for this years CCP. The maps are being released every day at 12 pm UTC. Happy playing!

  • Fill out the registration form, including your preferred date(s), intended build style, TMX Username and Discord.
  • We will notify you on Discord (ThaumicTom#7179 or Keissla#4804) as soon as possible about the date you will be assigned to
  • If you want to participate, you must guarantee your map being ready for your chosen date until Nov 20th.
  • Please keep any information about your date choice or map progress private for yourself (and the contributors of the map, if any), keep the surprise factor for everyone
  • 1 submission per uploader

Map rules

  • Your map must be at least 35 seconds long, there is no set maximum
  • Duo maps, trio maps, etc. are allowed. Anyone may build the map with you or contribute to it.
  • All styles are allowed

    • Exceptions (Do not build)

      • Trial maps (RPG maps are allowed)
      • Lunatic maps (like luck based or kacky maps)
      • Press-forward maps
      • Maps that require 3rd party addons (Openplanet) or resources (non-embedded items/blocks/mods/etc)
      • LOL maps

    • We encourage your map to be

      • creative! You can do anything you want as long as it doesn’t fall in one of the aforementioned exceptions
      • playable (your map should be at least finishable by everyone)
      • readable (no blind jumps, signage, GPS, no brutal pathfinding for rpg maps)
      • respawnable
      • low in display cost (try to stay under 30k, however it’s not a big deal if its over)
      • winter-themed (use x-mas/winter mods, x-mas signs and items, links below)

  • Please keep your map within a reasonable display cost
  • Trackname: CCP#XX - Trackname (e.g.: "CCP#01 - Yuletide")

Submission rules

  • Your map must be ready 7 days before the date you were assigned to.
  • Please also send me a replay with a clean run of your map on Discord (ThaumicTom#7179). Author run works too.
  • Your map must be scheduled for upload at least 48 hours before your assigned date (Please schedule your map for 12:00 / 12 pm UTC time. Current time in UTC, Your time to UTC converter)
  • After the map has been uploaded, no changes are allowed
  • If under any circumstance you cannot participate anymore, please contact us as early as possible (before Nov 20)

Useful resources and links




Other CCPs

Don't hesitate to contact me over Discord (ThaumicTom#7179) or MX for any questions regarding participating, submission and map progress.

Happy mapping! ;)
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