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MTC Feedback & Ideas Thread
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MTC idea:
- you drive on every sides of a block/structure (if it were a cube you would drive 6 times "on" it)
- no colours are allowed except shades of black and white, even the ground must be custom (scenery oriented mtc)

Location: SL
Mode of Transport  
Hereby I would like to submit an MTC idea that I had been thinking about and kept forgetting.

The idea is simple: Create a mode of Transport.

What would I like to see:
The track should be incorporated in a structure that presents a mode of transport.
e.g. A bicycle, a motor bike, a car, a boat, an airplane, a zeppelin.

From first glance at top view or side view it must be clear what 'vehicle' is dealt with. Points for design/theme can be awarded for how well the route has been incorporated. A flat track with scenery around it would score lower than a more transitional track.

In this map I would also like to see the usage of special blocks (turbo, boosters, fragile, bumpers etc.) as these can also bee seen as 'in-game modes of transport'. I would not specify a minimum amount used, but would let it to the mappers if they considered they have used them sufficient enough. Using just one to fit the brief is a risk taker.

Special note:
I would allow the usage of custom blocks. However, taking for example the huge custom 747 and build your track on this would be considered a DSQ in my eyes. Building an airport with these 747s parked where in you have made your own airplane next to it would be considered more creative. Use of custom transport vehicle items allowed, but not to drive upon.

I think that is sufficient as pitch for now of the idea.

Feel free to share your feedback here or contact me on Discord to further discuss this idea when put in practice.

All the best,
Default items only (at least for the route)
MTC Idea  
Just an idea for MTC. I don't know if it's been done before, but maybe something along the lines of only using things from item mode, I really think it would be unique and would make creativity shine, and possibly limit the custom items so it doesn't rely on all custom routes. Again, just an idea :)
Not sure if this has been suggested before but an idea just crossed my mind :

Mixed to the Max
No two adjacent blocks can be of the same surface type.
This includes Start, CP, Finish, and Multilap blocks.
This does not include scenery, meaning any block that is not driven on.

For the sake of clarity :

  • Adjacent means that the selection area of each block are touching or crossing each other, even if the blocks are not connected (in the case of free blocking).
  • Same surface type means the same types of block within a block "root" category, this means platform dirt is considered a different surface type than road dirt.
  • Items if used as part of the route are considered different surface than any of the blocks, they are considered of the same surface if they're nested in the same "root" category of items

Examples of adjacent blocks of same surface vs different surface:

Adjacent blocks even if not connected:

(4-3-2) is in the same surface type as (4-1-3), but not the same surface as (5-1-1)

Location: IS
March 23  
Is there a contest this month?
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