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Impossible to delete or select custom blocks
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Impossible to delete or select custom blocks 15 August 2020 20:25:35  
Has anyone else expirienced not being able to select/delete custom blocks after a while.

If I place a custom block and then try to delete it, it just works. But after I test drive my track and go back to the editor its impossible to select or delete.. which is pretty game breaking, I wonder if no one else has this issue?
15 August 2020 20:42:10  
Just figured it out.. if anyone else might be confused about this. You have to be in the custom block mode in order to select/delete these kind of blocks.
27 November 2020 12:38:30  
Even in custom block mode, if a block is placed in the box of a bigger custom block, you wont be able to select it. You'll have to zoom into the wanted block to select it properly.

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28 November 2020 10:08:45  
Sometimes the bloc just cannot been taken out they can stay even when u use macrobloc and cut off all the track.

If it happens, you can select all your map copy past into macrobloc system and after that open a new one and use ur macrobloc :s

Their a lot of beugs with item system..... In Maniaplanet a lot now more.
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