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 d I S S I d E N T

by  pecorenzo  |  21
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AT   00:39.873 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Beginner 
ID  98668 
  Dirt Scenery    
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 pecorenzo  |    pecorenzo
 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:39.271   SkyLinerAka 21 (100%)
2nd   00:39.664   Airwam 16.8 (80%)
3rd   00:39.768  xNathesx 13.65 (65%)
4th   00:39.868  pecorenzo 11.55 (55%)
5th   00:39.873  slowpiou 9.66 (46%)
 Author Comments
i was trying to build something suitable for TOTD
something like 4rtgeardirt with plastic and cool scenery included , but i wasn't happy at all ...

... so i turned back to my comfort zone and i built the usual slowpaceddirt which start with a simple serpentine and it finish with some transitional

definitely not a TOTD stuff
just a little map for those who like simple things
for those who have fun just optimising the lines

special thanks to threading for support ❤

have fun (y)


ah yes ... i spent some effort on scenery :)
 Embedded objects14 Objects
Object IX? Object author
U_PD_Str_Flat_BRight_Down1_Center_Size3.Item.gbx Juice
GrassRemoverBeta01.Block.Gbx SchurkSmurf
RoadDirtToRoadTechSlopeBase2x1Up.Item.Gbx slowpiou
RoadDirtToRoadTechSlopeBase2x1Down.Item.Gbx slowpiou
TechToDirtTiltC2DownRight.Item.Gbx slowpiou
TechToDirtTiltDownRight.Item.Gbx slowpiou
RoadTechToRoadDirtCurve2Down1Left.Item.Gbx slowpiou
ClipDirtBanked2.Item.Gbx Rxelux
ClipRoad.Item.Gbx Rxelux
DirtUp1In2CurveR.Item.Gbx Rxelux
DirtFlatToBankedDiag3L.Item.Gbx Rxelux
DirtPlateformUp1In2Straight.Item.Gbx Rxelux
DirtBankedToFlatT2L.Item.Gbx Rxelux
MiddleWaterfallWall.Item.Gbx Leores
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