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 CCP#04 - Ascension

by  simo_900  |  10
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AT   00:37.544 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Advanced 
ID  82143 
 Visible (approved) |  Released    2022-12-04T09:00:00.0000000 
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Good morning TrackmaniaExchange!
🟩 It's that time of year again 🟪


Glad to take part of CCP again this year, this time with a shorter map but one with plenty of detail. Ascension is kind of offbeat-lite stylistically, it's half as long, but has a similar structure and a vibrant look. I'm super happy with how the end product turned out, although I could have adjusted parts of the route to be more hunter friendly. It's a fun casual challenge though, not being overly difficult but still offering some tricky upside down transition action. Both the route and the scenery are 100% block mode again as I do enjoy the challenge, with some decorative items sprinkled in to go with the lively waypoint signs. I'm overall very satisfied with the scenery patterns and transitions I came up with here, as there's always a risk of repeating yourself when it comes to building in this way. It's really fun though, and giving each map it's own identity is just part of the challenge. Hope you like the map aswell!

I never remember to track the hours when building a map, and here are again. But interestingly enough, I made this project over exactly one week, since I decided on a time slot to get it done with before other responsibilites took over again. Needless to say, long hours each day.
🟪 Here's how the process went: 🟩
  • Mon - route 1/3
  • Tue - route 2/3
  • Wed - route 3/3 + scenery 1/4
  • Thu - scenery 2/4
  • Fri - scenery 3/4
  • Sat - scenery 4/4 + mediatracker + wrapping up
  • Sun - video editing

    Be sure to check out all the other maps for this year's Christmas Calendar Project and thanks   Keissla.wp for taking the time to provide screenshots again :heart:

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