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 Sandy Drive

by  ImagineLoozing  |  0
AT   00:24.588 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Beginner 
ID  75767 
  Race Scenery    
 2022-09-23 01:16:33
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 Author Comments
Hi, this is my 2nd map, I hope you like playing it, please don't give me any hate, this is only my 2nd map and I am still new to map creating.
Thank You!
-Imagine Loozing
 Embedded objects18 Objects
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Cactus.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
Cactus_001.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
Cactus_001v2.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
Cactus_001v3.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
CactusBig_001.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
Cactusv2.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
Cactusv2Big_001.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
Cactusv3.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
DeadTree_1.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
DeadTree_2.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
DeadTree_3.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
Rock1.Item.Gbx KamiKalash
Cactusv3Big_001.Item.Gbx oxhlKpErSy6H7ig4MC3S_Q
DesertRocksSand_4.Item.gbx Henkisme
SandKing.Item.Gbx qIaWWT3sR7W74ttqn_-s6g
sandclock.Item.Gbx uBm
Camel.Item.gbx niZe
TMA_Logo_Medium_Sand.Item.Gbx Mr.Nugu
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