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 [RPG] Space Odyssey

by   Zwirrlicht_  |  0
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AT   24:52.847 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Advanced 
ID  71482 
  RPG Scenery    
 2022-08-07 13:28:48
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Yo TrackmaniaExchange

50 CP RPG set in space with different styled planets you need to travel to.

Thanks to BlackLevar and friends for testing <3

Also available in my club "Zwirrlicht's".

Discovery time 1-3h

fucked up to save the custom medal times :/

Hit me up on discord (Zwirrlicht#1234) if you are going to stream this or already did so - I really wanna join and see you on this!
 Embedded objects28 Objects
Object IX? Object author
ssb_loop.Item.gbx squikeay
ssb_slope_base.Item.gbx squikeay
ssb_slope_base_2.Item.gbx squikeay
ssb_slope_end.Item.gbx squikeay
ssb_slope_start.Item.gbx squikeay
ssb_slope_top.Item.gbx squikeay
PlatformBaseBumper2.Item.Gbx eyebo.wp
PlatformDirtShim4m.Item.Gbx banjee»UD
VoidBlock1x1.Block.Gbx iNDEX
WideNoEngine.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
WideReactorBoost2.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
WideReset.Block.Gbx Trackmaniadude
aCP-arc.Item.Gbx 1hQaX_h5TiG8r96WElL8rQ
zLight_Point_White_1.Item.Gbx 1hQaX_h5TiG8r96WElL8rQ
BQLT_DriveOut_Straight.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
BQLT_DriveOut_COut_5x5.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
MiniFlatDirt.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Mini_Pltf_Flat_Bumper1.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
PLTFBlackBankedCurfIn4x4.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
PLTFBlackBankedCurfIn5x5.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
PLTFBlackBankedCurfOut5x5.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
PLTFTechBankedCurf5x5.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
M2_PlatformTechSlope2End.Block.Gbx BE_Doomsday
M2_PlatformTechSpecialTurboSlope2Up.Block.Gbx BE_Doomsday
TrenchGroundRemover.Block.Gbx sqr1SiV3T2uGps1Fd52ykQ
AstronautSheep.Item.Gbx 5X7FYPqoTyWnW8fpyvCv5Q
AirLegitCP.Item.Gbx That_Ski_Freak
WoodPlatformCPTiltDown.Item.Gbx weatherman115
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2022 Q3 - RPG  JT_421 25
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