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 NAC - The Bridge

by  Ealipse  |  22
UCA: Ice Map of the Year
High quality
AT   00:43.855 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Beginner 
ID  46341 
  Scenery Ice    
 2021-12-19 00:00:16
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
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 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:43.498  l1ngotm 22 (100%) 19-12-21
2nd   00:43.922  Ealipse 17.6 (80%) 19-12-21
3rd   00:44.346  Nightwolf93 14.3 (65%) 19-12-21
4th   00:44.577  Osoguineapig 12.1 (55%) 27-12-21
5th   00:47.395  eyebo 10.12 (46%) 19-12-21
6th   00:49.486  prince10bee 8.8 (40%) 23-12-21
7th   00:58.887  shibuz~ 7.7 (35%) 22-12-21
 Author Comments

Hello again TrackmaniaExchange

Today I bring you my first ever North America Cup map.
The Bridge is an slippery reroute after a total crash on the bridge.

Thanks to the Htimh rocks for carrying this the look of the map, in my opinion this track is the far most beautiful track I have made to date.
I hope you guys have fun hunting this one.

Some info about the track:
Hacked AT to the GPS time. ( I cant be bothered to drive over and over :d )
Rocks : :done:
Soloproject : :done:
Waterfall: :done:
Bushes: :done:
Cuts: 🤷

 Embedded objects53 Objects
Object IX? Object author
FloatLeaf.Item.Gbx Ealipse
Landscape.Item.Gbx Ealipse
Water3x3.Item.gbx NoX.Grimlock
AGrass2.Item.gbx htimh
ConvertibleYellow.Item.Gbx iOi3oJzZQVmQFmAxPPkQWw
Truck.Item.Gbx niZe
TruckBroken.Item.Gbx niZe
RoadBarrier.Item.Gbx StunTMan
aParamedicAmbulance01.Item.Gbx SchurkSmurf
HumptyDumpTruck01.Item.Gbx SchurkSmurf
HtimH_Birch01.item.gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
HtimH_Birch02.item.gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
HtimH_Birch03.item.gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
HtimH_Birch04.item.gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
htimh_rock01var.Item.gbx htimh1
htimh_rock02var.Item.gbx htimh1
htimh_rock09var.Item.gbx htimh1
htimh_rock11var.Item.gbx htimh1
htimh_rock12var.Item.gbx htimh1
Pylon_01.Item.Gbx htimh1
htimh_rock03var.Item.gbx htimh1
htimh_rock04var.Item.gbx htimh1
htimh_rock05var.Item.gbx htimh1
htimh_rock06var.Item.gbx htimh1
htimh_rock07var.Item.gbx htimh1
htimh_rock08var.Item.gbx htimh1
IceWall.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
FuckCuttahs.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
ArrowNeonblue.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
BridgeSupporter.Item.gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
busha2.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
cp1.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
TunnelOpening.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Water.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Waterfall.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
grassorange.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
ICE1.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
ICE2.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
ICE3.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
ICE4.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Snowdunge.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
cp9.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
CPpole.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Faraway.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Faraway2.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
FinishStripe.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
Finpole.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
cp2.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
cp3.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
cp5.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
cp6.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
cp7.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
cp8.Item.Gbx BBYj6VfeTeqP0mrflnulWA
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