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 The New Overlord

by  aynyx  |  10
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Hey ! Welcome to my first ever TM2020 RPG !
I hope you will like it, I'll read all your feedbacks, and awards are very appreciated !
But before you start, please READ EVERYTHING below, Thanks !

Map important infos + Story :

Map Information :

It's a long and hard map and it took me over 50hours of work to finish it ! I would say it will take between one hour or two for the discovery, depends on your level. This map have 69 cps, each one numeroted.
Some skills are requiered before jump into the map (make sure to know how to do these tricks) : Grass-Slides, NoseBugs, Wiggles, Dirt BackWard SDs and ice-slides !

Important : At each start of the 4 worlds, there is a fake finish, giving you some story, if you have the time, please go into it !

Map's Story
You wake up a morning and see a letter from the King of the World in the newspaper saying he is looking for a New Overlord to take care of 4 countries ! But there are some challenges to check if you are good and skilled enough, you take the opportunity without any hesitation !
Arrived at the King's Castle, it's your turn to start the journey, but before anything begins, the king comes close to you and tells you in your ears : nobody survived, good luck to become my New Overlord.

Aynyx <3
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