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by  Scarzor.wp +2 |  104
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AT   00:44.595 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Beginner 
ID  38248 
  Scenery Ice    
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 Scarzor.wp — Route & Scenery
 Henkisme — Scenery/AT
 Nightwolf93 — Scenery/Mediatracker/Graphics
 Featured in Community Videos
 eyebo  |    StonnedGunner
 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:44.107  Vojteek55 104 (100%)
2nd   00:44.492  slowpiou 83.2 (80%)
3rd   00:45.148  deadfish 67.6 (65%)
4th   00:45.305  Minimariner 57.2 (55%)
5th   00:45.330  BerzerkTM 47.84 (46%)
6th   00:45.868  deZu 41.6 (40%)
7th   00:46.126  Terrasil 36.4 (35%)
8th   00:46.178  racacax 31.2 (30%)
9th   00:46.778  agrabou 27.04 (26%)
10th   00:47.101  richarde_e 22.88 (22%)
11th   00:47.471  nytroza 19.76 (19%)
12th   00:47.552  Nightwolf93 16.64 (16%)
13th   00:47.577  manu2k21 14.56 (14%)
14th   00:47.685  Gold.TM 12.48 (12%)
15th   00:48.444   ToToTroll 11.44 (11%)
16th   00:48.675  Eternity 10.4 (10%)
17th   00:49.218  OriginalGarth 9.36 (9%)
18th   00:49.385  Lugesbro 8.32 (8%)
19th   00:49.502  eyebo 7.28 (7%)
20th   00:49.616  lefoudu32 7.28 (7%)
21st   00:58.192  j00kluch 6.24 (6%)
 Author Comments
Hello TrackmaniaExchange

Drive past the snowy mountains of the beautiful town Hakuba. The road is a bit frozen around this time of the year so make sure you are ready to slide over the ice. Dont worry though, some of the folks in Hakuba already got rid of some of the frozen roads which exposes the beautiful red bordered roads!

Enjoy your drive past this beautiful town, in the mountains!

Scenery and mediatracker by Nightwolf93
Scenery, testing and AT by Henkisme
Route and scenery by Scarzor
 Embedded objects91 Objects
Object IX? Object author
henkisme.Item.gbx skyslide
GPS_HERE.Item.gbx skyslide
deadtree1.Item.gbx skyslide
japon_temple_grand.Item.Gbx 8pRug_tXQHClu12e9uRRLg
pont_japon.Item.Gbx 8pRug_tXQHClu12e9uRRLg
porte_japon(S).Item.Gbx 8pRug_tXQHClu12e9uRRLg
nightwolf_text.Item.gbx Nightwolf93
scarzortext_white.Item.gbx Nightwolf93
Island1.Item.gbx Nightw0lf931
JapanTori1.Item.gbx Nightw0lf931
shrine1.Item.gbx Nightw0lf931
Hs_LongRockSnow4.Item.Gbx abfYizZETsG-znXgjmou0w
Hs_ThinCircleRockSnow4.Item.Gbx abfYizZETsG-znXgjmou0w
JapaneseLantern_BlackOrange.Item.Gbx qIaWWT3sR7W74ttqn_-s6g
PlatformTechBiSlopeBase.Item.Gbx eyebo
IceHalf.Block.Gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
Mountain_Ice_5.Item.Gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
SnowMountain_Grass_2.Item.Gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
SnowMountain_Grass_3.Item.Gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
SnowMountain_Grass_6.Item.Gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
CP-stripe_custom2.Item.Gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
Waterfall2.Item.Gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
Waterfall3.Item.Gbx u_aMSzgsSo2w8Ujw-oRhTA
MyPlateformIceTilt2DownLeftLarge.Item.Gbx Entity
MyPlateformIceTilt2DownRightLarge.Item.Gbx Entity
MyPlateformIceTilt2UpRightLarge.Item.Gbx Entity
Rocks1.Item.Gbx niZe
RoadToRoadIceLong.Item.Gbx Trackmaniadude
CP-stripe-x2-autorotate.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Light_Point_Orange_3.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
PLTFIceBankedCurf4x4.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
Light_Point_Orange_2.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
WoodFence1.Item.Gbx StunTMan
SjateauWallCornaPillah01.Item.Gbx SchurkSmurf
lionstatue.Item.Gbx Yennefer
OrangeCrystal#02_01.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.1.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.11.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.12.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.13.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.3.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.8.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.8.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.9.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Pic7.2.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Pic7.2.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.6.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.6.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.7.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.7.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.7.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.8.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.3.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.4.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.4.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.4.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.5.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.6.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.10.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.12.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.13.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.13.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.13.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.2.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.8.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.9.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Pic6.1.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.1.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.1.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher7.10.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.7.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.7.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.7.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.8.1.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.8.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.8.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.3.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.4.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.4.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.6.2.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.6.3.Item.Gbx Heasto
Rocher6.6.4.Item.Gbx Heasto
CP-stripe-x2.5 alternative trigger.Item.Gbx 0l8z9c3xTeyyJhUL5n3-jA
x2Rocher6.3.4.Item.Gbx 0l8z9c3xTeyyJhUL5n3-jA
x2Pic7.2.2.Item.Gbx 0l8z9c3xTeyyJhUL5n3-jA
Hs_ThinCircleRockSnow4Small.Item.Gbx 0l8z9c3xTeyyJhUL5n3-jA
SnowBlob.Item.Gbx Yorsh
winterhouse1_Wood.Item.Gbx Yorsh
winterhouse3_Wood.Item.Gbx Yorsh
winterhouse4_Wood.Item.Gbx Yorsh
WoodFloor.Item.Gbx Yorsh
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