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 [RPG] NeoBiome

by   Yannex  |  16
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AT   03:23.793 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  36133 
  RPG Platform Scenery    
 28 August 2021 20:36:57
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The BEST Tracks in Trackmania - August 2021 Flink TM  Flink__
 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   03:48.684  ATN04 16 (100%) 13-09-21
2nd   08:53.218  styler1158 12.8 (80%) 31-08-21
3rd   58:12.675  maxesit 10.4 (65%) 04-09-21
 Author Comments
Hey TrackmaniaExchange

I present you my new RPG map! It's a 99% vanilla map, only used some customs for the scenery (palmtrees and floaters)
All built on stream, around 20 hours of building time :build:
There are 12 CPs, some of them are platforming and others are pathfinding. You might need cam 7 for some CPs.
Discovery time should be around 30 minutes to 1h for average players.


Please upload your replays so I can watch it and don't forget to award :award:


Yannex :cool:
 Embedded objects32 Objects
Object IX? Object author
VoidFull.Block.Gbx eyebo.wp
SwimRing_monoTM_AR.Item.Gbx iNDEX
SwimRing_orange_AR.Item.Gbx iNDEX
SwimRing_pink_AR.Item.Gbx iNDEX
SplashPlatform2021WG.Item.Gbx qYw071iWQXu9_jXI7SXEvA
SplashPlatform2021WGRamp.Item.Gbx qYw071iWQXu9_jXI7SXEvA
SplashPlatform2021WGRampFixed.Item.Gbx qYw071iWQXu9_jXI7SXEvA
SplashPlatform2021WGRampFixed2.Item.Gbx qYw071iWQXu9_jXI7SXEvA
Curve1OutTightSnow.Item.Gbx slowpiou
Curve2InTightSnow.Item.Gbx slowpiou
Curve2OutTightSnow.Item.Gbx slowpiou
SquareGirder_Colorable.Item.Gbx Yorsh
WaterWall.Block.Gbx Leores
WaterWallCorner.Block.Gbx Leores
WaterWallCornerX4.Block.Gbx Leores
WaterWallX4.Block.Gbx Leores
WoodPlatformCP.Item.Gbx weatherman115
number_sticker_0.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_1.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_2.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_3.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_4.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_5.Item.gbx squikeay
big_palm_tree_tilted.Item.gbx squikeay
fern_basic.Item.gbx squikeay
small_palm_tree_basic.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_6.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_7.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_8.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_9.Item.gbx squikeay
big_palm_tree_basic.Item.gbx squikeay
big_palm_tree_low.Item.gbx squikeay
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 Track Feature

Cool Stunts , Cool Route , beautiful Scenery in ONE Welcome to NeoBiome. A Nice and fun to play RPG Map

Feature time: 04 September 2021 16:06:29-  SkyLinerAka