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by  Wirtual  |  23
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AT   00:56.985 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  25119 
  LOL Tech Mixed    
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 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   00:54.867  AR_Down 23 (100%)
2nd   00:56.107  l_urk 18.4 (80%)
3rd   00:56.625  oropher33 14.95 (65%)
4th   00:57.181  Wollfan 12.65 (55%)
5th   00:58.337  Dam_El_Pouleto 10.58 (46%)
6th   00:58.450  wheel-sticker 9.2 (40%)
7th   01:01.903  skai16 8.05 (35%)
8th   01:06.123  eyebo 6.9 (30%)
 Author Comments
Nostalgia - by HTIMH and Wirtual.
A track inspired by those carpets we all had growing up.
Hope it will revive some of your childhood memories of driving around on the carpet with all your toy cars.

Video about the map:

Edit 05.03.2021: Map updated to prevent shortcut from being faster :build:
 Embedded objects114 Objects
Object IX? Object author
box.Item.gbx htimh
Air.Item.gbx htimh
bed.Item.gbx htimh
beddy2.Item.gbx htimh
beddy2a.Item.gbx htimh
beddy3.Item.gbx htimh
Water.Item.gbx htimh
waters.Item.gbx htimh
youtube.Item.gbx htimh
Tree_03.Item.gbx htimh
Tree_04.Item.gbx htimh
Tree_05.Item.gbx htimh
Tree_06.Item.gbx htimh
Tree_07.Item.gbx htimh
Truck.Item.gbx htimh
toybox.Item.gbx htimh
toybox2.Item.gbx htimh
toybox3.Item.gbx htimh
toybox4.Item.gbx htimh
Tree_01.Item.gbx htimh
Tree_02.Item.gbx htimh
shelf2.Item.gbx htimh
Sign.Item.gbx htimh
Sign2.Item.gbx htimh
speaker.Item.gbx htimh
tennisball.Item.gbx htimh
Town.Item.gbx htimh
Route05.Item.gbx htimh
Route06.Item.gbx htimh
Rubik.Item.gbx htimh
rug.Item.gbx htimh
scissors.Item.gbx htimh
shelf1.Item.gbx htimh
Poster2.Item.gbx htimh
Room01.Item.gbx htimh
Route01.Item.gbx htimh
Route02.Item.gbx htimh
Route03.Item.gbx htimh
Route04.Item.gbx htimh
pencils.Item.gbx htimh
Plane.Item.gbx htimh
Police.Item.gbx htimh
Post.Item.gbx htimh
PostD.Item.gbx htimh
Poster1.Item.gbx htimh
Mag.Item.gbx htimh
outlet.Item.gbx htimh
Palm.Item.gbx htimh
Paper.Item.gbx htimh
Para.Item.gbx htimh
Para2.Item.gbx htimh
Leg1.Item.gbx htimh
Leg2.Item.gbx htimh
Leg3.Item.gbx htimh
Leg4.Item.gbx htimh
Leg5.Item.gbx htimh
lightswitch.Item.gbx htimh
Grass05.Item.gbx htimh
Grass06.Item.gbx htimh
Grass07.Item.gbx htimh
Grass08.Item.gbx htimh
Hospital.Item.gbx htimh
Leg.Item.gbx htimh
Frame5.Item.gbx htimh
Gas.Item.gbx htimh
Grass01.Item.gbx htimh
Grass02.Item.gbx htimh
Grass03.Item.gbx htimh
Grass04.Item.gbx htimh
football.Item.gbx htimh
Fountain.Item.gbx htimh
Frame1.Item.gbx htimh
Frame2.Item.gbx htimh
Frame3.Item.gbx htimh
Frame4.Item.gbx htimh
Decals01.Item.gbx htimh
desk2.Item.gbx htimh
Enter.Item.gbx htimh
Fire.Item.gbx htimh
Flag1.Item.gbx htimh
Flag2.Item.gbx htimh
Box2.Item.gbx htimh
Box3.Item.gbx htimh
CeilingLight.Item.gbx htimh
chair2.Item.gbx htimh
Church.Item.gbx htimh
dart.Item.gbx htimh
Book.Item.gbx htimh
books.Item.gbx htimh
books2.Item.gbx htimh
books3.Item.gbx htimh
Borders.Item.gbx htimh
Box1.Item.gbx htimh
beddy3a.Item.gbx htimh
bedLamp.Item.gbx htimh
bedside.Item.gbx htimh
bedsidecabinet.Item.gbx htimh
biglight.Item.gbx htimh
bin.Item.gbx htimh
GrassRemover.Block.Gbx Zai
cp1.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
cp10.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
cp12.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
cp2.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
cp3.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
cp4.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
CustomStart.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
Finish.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
cp5.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
cp6.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
cp7.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
cp8.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
cp9.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
cpadd.Item.Gbx FE_OBpuQSvmlsJFIvMBWbw
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