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by  wormi +1 |  12
AT   00:57.978 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Advanced 
ID  22116 
 Tech Race    
 27 December 2020 13:53:51
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
 wormi — Track, screenshot, scenery details
 Jacob — Track, scenery, mediatracker
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Record User Score Date
 01:04.195   deadfish 12 (100%) 30-12-20
 01:04.368  Sky 9.6 (80%) 01-01-21
 01:13.392   timmy»UD 7.8 (65%) 13-02-21
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 Author Comments
Hello TMX :heart:

Already long time ago in July, jacob asked wormi to build a track in new TM. We started the work, slowly progressing during July and August, but then wormi returned to TMUF for competitions and also jacob had breaks from game. The route was finished already, though. While veteran wormi did his magic in the colors of CMC, newer talent jacob gained experience about TM2020 and started working with scenery. In December he had found his muse from Clearvision, and finished the beautiful desert-like scenery showing it to wormi who was impressed of fresh looks. After that everything progressed quickly, and in just a couple of days we did final touches to track and added the mediatracker work and screen.

The track is technical drift-heavy map with some tight and some loose turns. It has a couple of key turns which have to be learnt to set good times, but finishing should be easy for newcomers as well. The layout is simple so a gps ghost is unnecessary and some signs are placed to guide the drivers through these structures in the middle of desert.

Happy New Year and enjoy the map! :)

- wormi & Jacob
 Embedded objects11 Objects
Object IX? Object author
CP-stripe.Item.Gbx 1hQaX_h5TiG8r96WElL8rQ
gbx.Block.Gbx vXIFOfV0Rz-FVjpuzvVccQ
TrackWallRound.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q
RoadBankedTransitionHighL.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q
RoadBankedTransitionLowL.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q
RoadBankedTransitionHighR.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q
RoadBankedTransitionLowerR.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q
RoadBankedTransitionLowR.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q
RoadTechToRoadBumpCurve2.Item.Gbx oH8Bza-wQjCcE4aMHt4oow
RoadTechToRoadBumpCurve2Mirror.Item.Gbx oH8Bza-wQjCcE4aMHt4oow
TechRoadSplit.Item.Gbx pTuyJG9STcCN_11BiU3t0Q