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 CCP#25 - Spectre

by   simo_900  |  25
AT   03:16.807 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Lunatic 
ID  21667 
 25 December 2020 10:01:07
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 03:19.068  KadabuTM 25 (100%) 15-01-21
 03:19.323  DontCareTM 20 (80%) 31-12-20
 03:59.388  Griftz 16.25 (65%) 31-12-20
 07:27.914   deadfish 13.75 (55%) 25-12-20
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Hey TrackmaniaExchange, hope you are enjoying your holidays :)

This map is a spiritual successor to Ghost. It's not a full blown sequel, as it's shorter and relatively different in terms of route elements. The core elements remain the same; freewheel, bw parts, ice 180s, lots of rollercoaster stuff and flips. Spectre adds upside down reactor sections and bw sections with more emphasis. There are sections with less room for error than what ghost allows, but overall it's not harder than its predecessor due to its reduced length. I feel like it ended up being a bit less coherent than I would have liked it to be, mostly due to the fact I built it in many short sessions instead of just a couple long ones like I had done with ghost. I'm still very happy with the result - especially how it looks from a spectators point of view, it's just that some sections are a bit too precise to the point it can get a bit annoying. Hope the trio who will actually play it, you know who I'm talking about - will enjoy the challenge nonetheless ;)

Weight: 26594
Author time: 3:16.80
Mood: Sunset
Mod: TMXmas by   Keissla.wp (w/o red platforms)

  squiki.wp is returning as the screenmaker for this sequel, thanks! (l) HQ

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! 💜
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CCP 2020  Akiliyh 29
 Track Feature

Day#25 - simo is at it again with a banger of a map ! Spectre is a sort of sequel of GHOST which only attends you ! A must try :)

Feature time: 26 December 2020 08:19:41-  Akiliyh