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AT   00:49.683 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  180193 
  Scenery Mixed    
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 Sqlc  |    Sqlc
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Hello drivers!

A new mixed map just dropped.

I just had fun playing with open loops for transitions.

A huge shoutout to   Sqlc which drove the GPS, tested the map and made a fantastic showcase and intro.

:gold: GPS time: 49.008 for the one that want to challenge themselves

:silver: AT: 49.683 for the others ;)

:build: Building time: 20+ hours

Edit: corrected the lap counter problem. Sorry for those who had a time.
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RoadLoopsBorderlessBig.Item.Gbx Ealipse
RoadLoopsBorderlessBigMirror.Item.Gbx Ealipse
RoadLoopsBorderlessSmallMirror.Item.Gbx Ealipse
quack3.Item.gbx Nightwolf93
75_Alp_S_#5.Item.Gbx 60igQhuFRx-iJxgMehTRyg
78_Alp_P_#5.Item.Gbx 60igQhuFRx-iJxgMehTRyg
75_Alp_G_#5.Item.Gbx 60igQhuFRx-iJxgMehTRyg
W_RB-RT_Tur_HBRight_BiSU_Up1_Right_Size2.Item.Gbx Juice
4_RoadGrassToRoadTechDiagLeft.Item.Gbx Juice
5_RoadGrassToRoadTechTiltRight.Item.Gbx Juice
9_RoadGrassBranchToDiagLeft.Item.Gbx Juice
8_RoadGrassTiltTransUpRightX2.Item.Gbx Juice
9_RoadGrassCurve1.Item.Gbx Juice
9_RoadGrassStraight.Item.Gbx Juice
W_BR_Str_HBRight_HBRight_Even_Center_Size1.Item.gbx Juice
V_PG_Chi_HBRight_BLeft_Down1_Right1_Size2.Item.gbx Juice
V_RD_Tur_Flat_HBRight_Up2_Right2_Size2.Item.gbx Juice
2-6-1_TM2_RoadDirtToRoadHalfB.Block.Gbx eFFecT
Mini_Pltf_Flat_Bumper2.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
WaterFallRiver.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
WaterFallRoad.Item.Gbx stupskiesel.nc
CP-stripe-dirt-road.Item.Gbx Raveout
GrassRemover.Block.Gbx Zai
StructureDeadEndSlopeTopBottom_air.Item.Gbx slowpiou
Pole_Cover_Platform_Tilted.Item.Gbx 2tuvKOe1Qpu_N4yMFBn89A
Pole_Cover_Road_Banked.Item.Gbx 2tuvKOe1Qpu_N4yMFBn89A
AAA-1-cp.Block.Gbx xsM05Ln5QcCiQ7Y1j5Q-Ow
PlatformLoopPlasticHalfBankedRight.Item.Gbx speq
PlatformLoopPlasticSlopeHBStartRight.Item.Gbx speq
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