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by  theShadowandWol...  |  0
AT   01:05.318 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Advanced 
ID  175622 
  Water Stunt Ice    
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A bit tricky movements to follow the track. At the last checkpoint, there are two ways you can follow. One is on the plastic ramp up and full speed to a few Obstacles, then a right on dirt to a booster to crash into a wall down, into a whole, slide and finish. The other is to go straight, fall with turning your car 180°, land on ramp, jump 2x, crash into wall 2x, land on water, then on the pipes and to the finish. The first one is easier, but longer. The other is a bit skill to land, but shorter. Author time is done with the longer way. But expect to be about the same time.