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 2024 Birthday Track Night Version

by  DeSterben  |  13
AT   01:34.909 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Intermediate 
ID  171039 
 Visible (approved) |  Released 
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 Offline records
# Record User Score Date
1st   01:32.339  DeSterben 13 (100%)
2nd   01:37.608  Parinho23 10.4 (80%)
 Author Comments
The Night version of 2024 Birthday Track.

 Embedded objects17 Objects
Object IX? Object author
LargeLetters_A.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_B.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_D.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_E.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_H.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_I.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_0.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_2.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_4.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_N.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_P.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_R.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_S.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_T.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
LargeLetters_Y.Item.gbx Yorsh-Mi-Veloce
CP-stripe-autorotate.Item.Gbx ucCilsH8TyGf_Lr461z1wQ
Moved Spawn CP -2 x2 Auto.Item.Gbx ucCilsH8TyGf_Lr461z1wQ
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