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AT   28:10.384 |  Stadium / CarSport   |   Advanced 
ID  163471 
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 Viiru  |    Viiru
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new trial, this time easier than Homecoming. cool mod and happy times on this epic trackmania journey through wacky and crazy obstacles

- bind standstill respawn in settings
- make sure the mod has loaded because it looks nice
- difficulty probably mirrors around 10p on the tmnf trial scale

screenshot by   Slashasher_, thx so much!!!

have fun or else :)
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PlatformWoodWallOutCurve0.Block.Gbx fHFOZ36-Qt6hMnhWK6bvxw
number_sticker_0.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_1.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_2.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_3.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_4.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_5.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_6.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_7.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_8.Item.gbx squikeay
number_sticker_9.Item.gbx squikeay
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